What is A Fly Fishing Spinner?

Written By: maxcatch Created Date: 2019-05-06 16:50:06

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Part of the tradition, fly fishing spinners are a well known weapon when it comes to fly fish into warm waters.  Today spinners are mainly effective for tout or salmon fishing. 

We collected some useful articles and combines them into one, enjoy it and take notes guys :
“Let’s take a look at the spinner and other artificial trout fisherman. Around the first month of the season, this is the method I’ll use. I use spinners and other small artificials where I wade and cat upstream with my fly rod. When I’m using these spinners and artificials I tend to fish and cast downstream. Although trout face upstream and you need to bring the lure past them, spinners give much better action when retrieved against the current. Also, with a spinner I feel that the vibration helps to alert the trout that food is coming through the water. I have success with this method in early spring. Later in the year, when the water has cleared up and is much lower, spinners are not nearly as effective. However, if in midsummer I come across a trout stream that looks good and I do not have my fly rod with me, I will still try some spinners. The reason I am able to do this is I always have a spin rod and a few spinners and lures in my car. When this happens, I am always ready. Now, with the water low, I simply wade downstream until I find a deep hole.”midwestoutdoors.com

“Fishermen, by chance or plan, find themselves in a target-rich environment. Lots of rising trout dot the surface. In places, those rings overlap like the Olympic flag. With luck, big trout heads protrude, gobbling in a fleeting bounty.

On fast-water streams, spinners flush out quickly. Anglers need to be aware, by watching both sky and water. Then they should act decisively. Secure the right fly, test the tippet, and start hunting rising fish pronto, while the spinners are thick.” flyfisherman.com

“The basic technique in streams is making a series of cross-current casts, allowing the spinner to swing and flutter through potential trout-holding spots. When the spinner is directly downcurrent, retrieve and repeat, casting at a slightly different angle to cover all promising water. In still waters, fan cast to promising areas.

I recommend using a snap swivel in front of the spinner to reduce line twist and clipping one tine off the treble hook to reduce snagging and enhance releasing fish unharmed. Still, snagging is a problem and losing spinners is costly.”