What Is a Dry Fly in Fly Fishing?

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What is a dry fly in fly fishing? Understanding basic terms and equipment like what is a dry fly in fly fishing greatly help in choosing the best gear for such an activity. Being one of the most popular activities or rather sport that can be carried out using different types of flies and techniques, its good to become innovative in order to accomplish your mission. For those who do not really understand what dry fly is in fly fishing, then it's the right time for you to have a clear picture of what it is. Dry fly fishing is casting technique in which anglers use artificial flies in luring the fish. Unlike wet flies or other feeding baits, dry flies often flow on the surface of the water in order to attract the fish and make it come close to the water surface. 

Dry fly fishing was initially developed for catching trout although it's now a widely used technique of catching various species of fish. Trout's have a tendency of moving to the water beds and banks in order to feed on the flies where nymphs and wet flies are used. However, this method relies heavily on the general understanding of the behaviour of the fish which means that it requires an in-depth study of habit and feeding habits of the fish.

Fish usually come to feed on the surface of the water when there is a scarcity of food when acoustic insects move out of the water to lay eggs and mate. These usually happens during summer when fishes are forced to feed on other animals like ants, grasshoppers and beetles that float on the surface of the water. It's during such a time that dry fly fishing works effectively.

The fishes easily get attracted to dry flies since it acts as the main source of food for them. Dry flies are basically meant to mimic the movement of real flies on water. Energy and skills are both needed to ensure that you don't miss your catch.

The dry fly is often cast at the upstream where the speed if moving water is high. The fish follows the dry fly as the water descends down to a point where it meets with smooth flowing water. At this level, the fish gets the time to find its food high is aligned on the fly line. It's important to ensure that you drop the dry flies softly on the water's surface to avoid destructing the fish and allow it to drift effectively.

The design of dry flies makes it visible and attractive for the fish. Dry flies are designed to be buoyant in several ways. They are sometimes oiled or coated with a water repellent. They are perfect lures since they act as adult insects which look like elk hair. For the newbies, fitting a parachute on the dry fly helps it to be more visible for the user which makes it easier for him or her to track the dry fly movement and also to land gently on water. Some are also covered with artificial silks in order to ensure they perfectly mimic the behaviour of real flies.

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