What Are The Different Styles of Costa Fly Fishing Sunglasses

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Costa fly fishing sunglasses are made specifically to meet the needs and tough demands of anglers. These glasses are available in different styles. You can check out the different Costa models below. 


This model is named after the spot where anglers usually take a break after fishing at the crystal clear waters of the salt flats. Hence, this is the perfect sunglass to wear to lounge with after a full day of fishing. This is not to say, however, that you can't wear these glasses when you're actually reeling in a big one. Indeed, you can. 

This pair is tough enough and comfortable enough to handle such action. These glasses feature a relieved face curve and optical-quality spring hinges so for sure you can wear them all-day-long. You also have the option to have polarized and mirrored lenses. 


This pair of sunglasses is named after Chris Fischer, a legendary, modern-day explorer. And like Fischer, these glasses can handle tough situations. It's a pair that is built for adventure. Having these glasses is like having a trusted first mate that to guide you in your fishing expeditions. 

You should never go fishing without these Costa fly fishing sunglasses. These glasses feature Costa's three-hole ventings system and the patented no-slip Hydrolite lining. It also has polarized glasses. You may not be as great as Fischer yet but wearing these glasses named after him will at least rub some of his greatness on you.


Since anglers spend a lot of time under the sun, they need to protect themselves from sunlight. These wrap-around sunglasses offer full coverage to give you maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

It's the perfect glasses to get if you plan to do a lot of fishing this summer or if you're planning to go to a sunny part of the world. This pair provides 100% UV protection and has polarized lenses. The sporty features of this pair are an homage to the sportfishing heritage of Costa Rica.


These glasses are named after the broadbill swordfish, which is considered the hardest-fighting gamefish in the world. Many anglers dream of catching a broadbill one day. These glasses are as tough as the fish they were named after. 

This is one pair of sunglasses that are really made for sportfishing. It has a sculpted large wrap and vented nose pads to make sure that the glasses stay on as you struggle with a big one. This is one stylish pair of glasses that will make you look good in and out of the water. 


All Costa fly fishing sunglasses are known to be tough and are designed to last. But this pair is probably the toughest of them all. It is made with a durable nylon material that can definitely take the punishment that anglers go through when they go to the water. 

These glasses are not only for fishing, however. You can also wear them for your other adventures. These glasses also come in different attractive colors.

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