What are the best fly fishing reels under $100?

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Looking for the best fly fishing reels under 100 is one of the most challenging tasks experienced by every angler. Do you know why? Definitely due to various options available in the market with distinct size, design, and price. Usually, the notion behind having the best and affordable reel is selecting a strong, portable, and corrosion-resistant model. Considering a portable and strong model implies that it will offer an awesome performance and great balance. Corrosion resistance reels enable the fishers to utilize them on any type of water without damage. So which models out there under $100 comes with all these great features. Let’s have a look at a few options. 

Best fly fishing reels under 100

1. Orvis Clearwater

The Orvis Clearwater is popularly known for exceptional drag system. Weighing about 4-9 pounds, this option can withstand most of the fishing situations. It is coated with matte gray powder it appears sleek and guards it against rusting. Its large arbor ensures that it can accommodate a lot of lines. Its disk drag system feature possesses a stopping power for saltwater fish as well. If you consider using this reel in saltwater, then ensure that you rinse it when you are done. 

Overall, this reel is great for small fish and large freshwater fish. It is a great option for anyone looking for a great reel without hurting his/her pocket. 

2. Reddington Zero

Reddington Zero is awesomely lightweight, affordable, and top-notch quality. Being one of the lightest models in the market, this model comes in 4/5 and 2/3 weight. It boasts of its aluminum-anodized clicker feature that works like a drag system to cut down on cost and weight. Its handle has a soft touch and enables maximum control and grip, even when it is wet. 

Actually, this option is specifically tailored for lightweight fishing scenarios. The good news about this option is that it has a lifetime warranty option despite having a strong die-cast construction. 

Overall, this option is ideal for anyone looking for ultra-weight, affordable, and high-quality reef. It is also best suited for both veteran and novice fly fishermen. 

3. Piscifun sword

Made with stiff and top-notch materials, this model is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and performs greatly. It boasts of strong anodized finish, lightweight design, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum construction, and drag system. 

When connected well with a fly rod, this model is an excellent option and will assist the angler to balance the fly reel and fly rod together. Surprisingly, this reel boasts of having a straightforward built-in switch designed from left hand to right hand retrieve. 

Additionally, its carbon drag system ensures that it works smoothly, quietly, and enhances its durability. 

Coming with 3 years warrant option, then the quality of this reel is unquestionable. 

Overall, it is best suited for novice fly anglers who are looking for budget-friendly fly fishing gear. 

4. Kastking kobuk

Known for its powerful dragging system, stiffness, and speedy line retrieving, this model is undoubtedly one of the bestselling options available. It is tailored to have a smooth dragging system and assist the fly anglers to discover a superfast and straightforward line retrieving. The reel boasts of having a blend of stainless steel materials and forged 6061 aluminum alloy. Included are also anti-reverse clutch bearing and high performing ball bearing to boost its performance. In addition, the spool located in the center contains holes that assist to drain the sand and water effortlessly while maintaining the line fresh and smooth. 

Overall, this reel is an appropriate option for anyone looking for an extremely lightweight reel. It is also ideal for both veteran and novice fly anglers. 

Final thought and recommendation

Definitely, you don’t need to hurt your pocket when looking for a nice fly reel. As you’ve seen, there are many options under $100 available to choose from particularly if you are not looking forward to fishing powerful or big fish. So which option do you prefer? Basically, you can consider either Orvis Clearwater or Kastking kobuk if you are still confused about the right one to choose. These two options are not only low-priced but also are the real deal for both veteran and novice fly fishers. What are you waiting for? Pick the best fly fishing reel under 100 from this list and make your overall fly fishing experience amazing.

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