What Are Streamers In Fly Fishing?

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The most striking question that most newbies who have decided to venture in the fishing industry do ask themselves is what are streamers in fly fishing. In simple terms, streamers are basically those big flies that anglers use for fishing, especially on active retrieves.

Such flies often imitate the shape and features of baitfish, leeches, crayfish or big aquatic insects. Just like dry flies, streamers also act as lures to attract the fish.

However, using streamers provides an added advantage to the angler in the sense that, it does not really rely on studying and understanding the behaviour of the fish. They are a great way to catch all types of fish regardless of whether you know what they like to feed on or rather their movement in the water.  

Streamers contain moving flies which implies that their strikes can be very explosive. Streamers are big enough to cover wide areas on the surface of the water. In case you are an impatient angler or perhaps a newbie in fly fishing, streamers are a way to save time since it involves moving flies every time hence allowing you to navigate to various places without staying to one place. None the less, they can be used even on unfamiliar water sources, therefore, allowing the user to have a better experience in fly fishing.

Streamer techniques. It's essentially important to employ different streamer tactics because different fisheries require different approaches. Some fisheries require gentle stripping in order to allow the fly to get fully submerged whilst other fisheries need a hard tossing of the flies followed by a quick pull towards the boat.

Swinging and stripping.

Stripping can be an effective way of attracting fish in a place where the water movement is slow or calm. In such occasions, swimming flies attract the attention of fish and directs them for the bait. Therefore Stripping makes the streamer to imitate a swimming motion. On the other hand, swinging the streamer is also an effective way to catch the fish provided you keep an eye on the moving lies. Swinging allows the streamer to be carried by the water currents as the flies drift downstream. The angler will be able to recognize a catch when the fly line becomes taut.

However, both techniques are can be very effective especially when they compliment each other. It's important to note that streamers are basically meant to mimic the behaviour of an injured baitfish and not a healthy one since the behaviour of a real baitfish is often erratic.

Types of steamers.

There are different varieties of streamers available for use depending on your choice. Some of them include the Conehead Muddler Minnow, Woolly Bugger and freshwater Clouser. Arguably these are the most common used streamers that have easy patterns to tie and easy to be recognized. They contain various flash materials for the purposes of increasing visibility and designed to have come heads in order to enhance the sinking of the streamers. Some have a wedge shape in order to make the streamer to cut effectively through the water.

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