Vision fly fishing vest.

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Vision fly fishing vest.

Vision fly fishing vest is one of the most versatile fishing gears available in the market today. It comes with a wide range of features that are more enhanced to meet the needs of anglers. It's a modern-day kit that both novice and inexperienced anglers can enjoy using as part of their protective gear.

A short history of vision fly vests.

Vision featured in the fly fishing industry in the early 80s when people started building their interests in this fishing activity. At that time, vision used to import fishing apparels from into Finland from other international companies like Shakespeare, Bruce and walker and Veniard. By 90s, vision had expanded its supplies as it supplied various US brands such as Scott, Gloomis, Scientific Anglers, and Hodgman. 

The exposure of vision to different brands of fishing gears equipped its workers with enough knowledge of how better fishing kits were being produced.

With their extensive knowledge in fly fishing, Vision was officially launched in 1997 as a self-established fly company. Since its coming, Vision has become one of the leading producers of fly fishing equipment and outfits in the European market and the whole world at large.

Vision has set up various fly shops in over 40 countries today. Vision fly vests are one of the best fishing accessories that have got the best reviews from customers who have managed to acquire them.

General features of vision fly vests.

When buying fishing outfits, anglers would always expect to get instruments that will offer them relentless services. Good enough, for those anglers who are looking for best waistcoats, the vision has precisely done that for you, by equipping this attire with the best features.


Vision vests are made of durable nylon materials that will guarantee you a lifetime service. If durability is what you are looking for, then these apparels are what you should try. It has enough strength to withstand various fishing conditions, thus ensuring that you receive full-time service and protection.

Super lightweight.

Although this coat is fitted with various practical features, the material used to make this product is extremely light in weight, and this enables an angler to navigate easily while fishing. They are fitted with load bands which ensures sets the user comfortable, without feeling the pressure of the carried accessories. 

Its shoulders are also covered with flexible porous material that serves to spread the weight effects equally through the body, making it feel weightless.


Vision fly costs are fitted with enough pockets both on its outer and inner parts that will ensure you position and carry essential accessories to an easily accessible place.


These vests are fitted with top-quality zippers for ensuring that your accessories are safely stored inside the polythene pockets without worrying if they will drop. 

They also have D-rings that will ensure your fishing net is safely attached to the back and tippet dispensers on the lower sides.

These are the features of vision vest packs that you will enjoy across all its products. The choice will only be yours when it comes to colour and size, but the essential features are all included in these vests.

Types of Vision waistcoats.

Vision Caribou vests.

This vest is an all-round apparel that is equipped with all practical aspects that suit serious angling. It's fitted with plenty of pockets that are strategically positioned for easy access to wanted accessories. Good enough, the four front pockets are equipped with Velcro zippers for keeping the pockets closed through the fishing activity. These pockets are large enough to hold various fishing accessories that will keep you all day long.

In terms of comfort, these vests are fitted with mesh linings and comfortable collared rib knits. Additionally, it has D-rings that provide attachment points for fly nets and rob holders which are located on the front part.

It has extra internal pockets that are zippered for accommodating various fly fishing boxes, keys, tools, and accessories. It has inbuilt vision zingers that are made of fabric linings that make them durable. There are also bellow pockets on the front that contain Velcro closure flaps made for emerger jackets or fleece.

These ulsters are available on the Vision website, and other online retails such as Amazon and eBay.

Vision mega-bra vest.

This is another uniquely designed kit that is suitable for anglers who value functionality, beauty, and carrying much luggage. It can be termed as a tri-crossbreed combining features of a day pack, chest pack, and the typical fly fishing vest.

This gear has a total of nine pockets, six in the front, one in the back and two to the inner side and they are all zippered. It's also fitted with mess additional mesh pockets that are five in the number of carting your tippets, water bottle, reels, and lines. An additional rear pocket that is large provides storage space for your lunch or jacket. 

Good enough, its made up of two integrated zingers and 5 D-rings that offer multiple attachment points for your net and other accessories.

The mega bra is an adjustable vest that can be easily reduced to fit any angler's body, making it very efficient. 

It's made of durable mesh materials for keeping you warm and providing proper ventilation. The extra padding on the back makes it much comfortable to put on all day long. 

It's versatile apparel that will fancy tour fishing activity. When looking for this product, ensure it is labeled V3575G, which is its manufacturer reference number. Visit the visions website to get this kit or any other certified online seeking platform.

These fishing gears are now available in two primary colours, namely green and khaki, which are universal colours that match with different outfits. These kits provide adventurous sporting anglers with fantastic opportunities to showcase their fishing skills as they embrace admirable fly fishing designs. I consider your doubts neutralized if you have been having second thoughts about Vision vests and it's beyond doubt that you will get maximum services from theses waistcoats.

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