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What Kind Of Weather Is The Bst For Trout Fishing Fly Fishing?

Weather patterns greatly affect fishing, especially trout fly fishing. An important point to note is that trout feed more actively during low-lit, cloudy conditions. So rainy days present more trout fishing opportunities compared to bright sunny days.

It's also during rainy conditions that insects, which are food for trout, are swept into the water from the banks and streamside. That means the feeding activity among trout is

high thus providing an easier way to lure them for a catch. 

Where Are You Likely To Find Trout On A Calm Sunny Day?

If you are planning to fish for trout in small streams on a typical sunny day, it is important to understand their habitats. During rainy days, trout will roam more freely because they feel safer thinking they are camouflaged by the not-so clear water surface caused by disturbance of rain. 

But on typical calm, sunny days, trout will likely congregate or hide around rocks, lay downs, logs, undercut trees and other unobtrusive places. They'll also want to position themselves on the main currents so as to quickly ambush food that may be coming downstream. So check out these places.

Can You Catch A Good Number Of Trout At Night?

Yes, it is possible because many fish species are usually active at night. Fishing for brown trout at night can particularly yield great results. So if you are out on a camping trip, either solo or with friends, going for night fish flying adventure in the lake or along the streams can be a great way to catch a trout. It might take time to cast and retrieve the fly line but you can surely catch a good number, especially if the trout population in the area is huge.

Can Live Baits Produce Great Results for Trout Fishing Fly Fishing along the Streams?

One of the most effective ways to catch a trout on a stream is using spinning gear (ultra-light rod) that's 7-foot or less but with a fast action tip. You'll also need[to] bait and a live one, in this case, can come in handy. Some of the live baits you can use to lure trout include grasshoppers, red worms, may flies and night crawlers. 

What Artificial Lures Can You Use For Fishing Trout?

There are plenty of colorful artificial lures that can let you catch a trout downstream quite easily. You can use Streamer Flies, Mayfly Nymphs, Stonefly Nymphs and Spinners. All these lures can work pretty well for trout fishing fly fishing during all seasons including spring and winter. 

What Is The Best Size Of Hooks To Use For Trout Fly Fishing?

Having a light spinning rod with a rating of 2 to 6lb test can be great when going on a trout fly fishing mission. But you'll also need a good terminal tackle, especially when bait fishing for a lake-based rainbow trout. You may need to have single hooks (size 4-8), weights, (sliding ones with up to 1/4 oz), swivels sized 10 to 12, small spool with 4lb test line and small floats (either bubble or pencil).

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