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Have you been wondering how to set up fly fishing line? This article will show you exactly how to do it with simplicity and accuracy. Basically, fly fishing is a method of catching fish in which an artificial fly is used. The fly used is usually cast using a fly rod, weighted line, and a reel. Fly fishing is also viewed as a sport and can either be done in salt or fresh water. 

Items you require while setting up a fly fishing line 

There are four main parts of a fly line. The fly line is thus much more than the line itself. Lines for fly fishing are made differently from those used in spin fishing. Fly lines usually have different weight and sizes depending on the kind of fish one   intends to catch. Below are the parts of a fly line; Backing  This part usually is directly attached to the reel and then to the fly line. It is not cast but is only used to help fight big fish. 

Fly line 

The fly line is thicker than the backing and has a smooth coating to allow casting. The fly line connects the backing to the leader.

Leaders usually come in different diameters and length. Additionally, one chooses its material and size based on where the place the fish and the kind of fish want to catch.

The tippet is usually used to either increase or decrease the diameter of the leader. 

How do you set up a fly fishing line? 

With the knowledge on the different parts of a fly line, you can now learn how to set up a fly fishing line. Before you start the setup, ensure you have purchased a reel, fly rod and the parts of a fly line discussed above. 

Gather all the parts that are the leader, backing and the leader. Before connecting any of the parts, ensure you get all the fishing knots. This is done because tightening knots usually produce a lot of heat in the whole process and might cause the line to weaken and eventually break. 

Start by connecting the backing to the reel. You do this by directly tying them up with an arbor knot. After joining the two, use the reel to wind the backing. You do this by simply turning the real clockwise.  Connect the fly line to the backing, you take your fly line and attach it to your backing with the use of an Albright knot. Also, turn the reel clockwise until the fly line retracts in the reel and the backing is no longer seen.

To avoid using the Albright knot, you can buy a welded loop, which makes the process easier. In the last step, tie up the fly line to the leader by use of a nail knot. A welded loop could also be used to tie them together.

With the discussion above, your question on how to set up a fly fishing line is well answered. Go ahead and set up your line and remember to acquire all the necessary items first before setting it up.

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