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Tarpon fishing fly rod can be one of the major concerns for many anglers. This is because not every fly rod has the ability to cast excellently. For instance, some rods that people regard as perfect for fishing are not much likely to be the best fish fighting tools for tarpon.

Only the delicate casting fly rods are the ones considered capable of whipping huge and heavy tarpon very quickly and excellently.

How to Handle Tarpon Fly Fishing Rods

Fishing fly rods for tarpon are much different than bass or trout rods. 

One of the vitally important factors that an ideal fly fishing rod for tarpon should contain is the ability to raise the tarpon from the water and also at the end of the flight while trying to break its spirit. A 10- or 12-weight tarpon fishing fly rod is seen as one of the most ideal weapons that embrace this factor. The butt section should be very stiff to boost its lifting power, and the tip part should be faultless to load even the heaviest adult tarpons.

It is good to note that only the tip section of the rod is supposed to bend. Some anglers do not seem to bother about this property. Additionally, the angler should make some essential adjustments to the casting arc with the rod in their hand, to shorten it or form a tighter loop to the arc. 

The arc should not be too wide (about 45to 90 or else the tip path will be curved outwards in such a way that it causes the size of the loop to be larger than usual. An arc of about 30with a short stroke length should be considered perfect particularly when casting in the acceleration stage. This will ideally bring any tarpon fly fishing rod under control.

Fishers must ensure that they are fully prepared with the right kind of equipment when fishing for tarpons. This is mainly because these types of fish are the most notorious, acrobatic, violent, and angriest. In this account, we talk about fly rods used for catching tarpon.

The Best Tarpon Fly Fishing Rods

Tarpon is the kind of creature that will not care about your armor. Some will find it and destroy it right away. They are ridiculously very strong and many times anglers report their reels being seized and rods being shattered by these fish. It, therefore, a matter of great significance to choose a quality tool that will be able to tangle with the angry monsters.

When fly fishing for tarpon, a 10-weight rod is considered as great. It is, in fact, the best weapon for casting migrating adult tarpon. It has a lighter presentation and has a great capacity to cast tarpon of over 100 pounds. However, the rod can disappoint anglers who like to present their flies backhanded or who love casting in places with very strong winds. In such a circumstance, a 12- or 11-weight rod is better. At the time of flight, these rods give more support and greater power in the strong winds. A 12-weight stick is thought to be more powerful and a wonderful nightmare to cast in any day.

In most fishing grounds, fast action fly rods tend to be the best equipment for fly fishing tarpon. One of the most recommended tools is the Orvis Helios-3 fly fishing rod and comes in 3D and 3F flex variations. You can get it as either 11- or 12- weight rod. It is tested and regarded as the most accurate tarpon fishing fly rod. The tool was not created to maximize line speed and distance like most new premium rods, but for precision and accuracy. It is an excellent caster especially for beginners and makes fly fishing one of the most loved sporting activities. It brings this type of fishing to a much broader audience across many parts of the world. 

Additionally, Helios-3 is very responsive, powerful, and light. It is very attractive, and sleek, and has been made from durable materials with minimized sine waves, and greater hoop strength. This is to improve accuracy which leads to catching a good deal of fish.

Another great rod is Scott-Meridian which is made specifically for casting huge tarpon due to its largely extended butt. It is known as one of the most accurate tools that have ever been made. It is very powerful at long range and is very light. Moreover, the rod is more comfortable, responsive, and efficient. It is available in weights of 6 through 15. This makes it the best for every size of tarpon. The weapon is also equipped with corrosion-resistant-materials which makes it good for not only fishing in freshwater but also saltwater. Strong winds are not of great concern when working with this tool. It is strong enough to handle all the natural adversities.

There is still another wonderful rod by the name Echo EPR. It is a perfect suit for small to medium-sized tarpon and is one of those rods that anyone can afford with a limited budget. It is made with lightweight graphite materials and is available in line weights of 8-wt through 12-wt. It has two grips and is considered as a super powerful and super-fast action fly rod which is designed with Pat Ehlers. With this feature, it can load easily within shorter distances, and without being affected by natural disasters such as storms.

Lastly, but not least is the NRX G-Loomis rod. It comes with line weights of 3-wt through 12-wt which makes it excellent for casting any size of fish including juvenile tarpon. It is made with high-density-carbon-fibers and Nano-silica-resins to make it more durable, responsive, lighter, and sensitive than ever. When it comes to casting any kind of tarpon, from tiny to the huge ones, this rod has all it takes to handle the flights.

Final View

There are other greater tarpon fishing fly rods that can make your experience more enjoyable when casting tarpons. Some of them include 12-weight Scott STS, Sage Salt HD, 11-weight Scott S4S, and etcetera. If a fly fish rod is going to test your tackle in any fishing spot including the Keys of Florida, Indiana Peaks Wilderness, Bristol Bay in Alaska, and among others, then you need to choose the best fly fishing rod of which you can afford. This will ensure it stays for many years without wearing away while getting you perfectly on the flats.

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