Southport Fly Fishing FAQs

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Where Can You Go Fly Fishing In Southport?

Well, Southport is a fishing town that lies on the mainland just close to the mouth of Cape Fear River. To the east of Cape Fear is Bald Island, with an amazing southern and easterly facing beaches, while to the west side lies the Oak Island, just in front of Elizabeth River. There are many creeks and marsh systems around Southport that drain into both Cape Fear River and Elizabeth River, where you can try the fly fishing sport, if you are really experienced.

What Types Of Fish Can You Find In Southport Waters?

There are several types of fish that are found in different waters in Southport. And nearly all of them can be caught using the fly fishing method. Some of the fish that can be found inshore include speckled trout,flounder, bass, red fish, sheepshead, lady fish and sharks. 

Common near shore species in Southport, on the other hand,include bluefish, mackerel, spadefish, spring Bonita, fall false albacore and gray trout. Whether you're content with a medium-sized fish or are craving to get a big catch, there are definitely great species here that can guarantee you that.

Are There Centers In Southport Where You Can Learn Flying Fishing?

Yes, there are a couple of centers and organizations in Southport where you can learn or advance your fly fishing skills.Major fishing centers in the area are Southport Angler Outfitters with offices in Brunswick Street and Cape Fear Flyfishers that schedules fishing trips to different Southport locations. There is also Sightfish NC,a company that organizes fishing charters across NC, including such areas as Southport, Oak Island, Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach.

Most of these centers/organizations usually have well packaged fly fishing training sessions that are not just engaging but also fun-filled.

The learning experience may involve boat fishing trips that take you to different waters in Southport area, as you learn and engage with seasoned anglers and/guidesas you go along.

When Is The Best Time To Go Fly Fishing In Southport?

Well, that depends on the type of fish you're eying. If you want to fish for bass, then the best time would be during their pre-spawn season in spring, when the water temperature is around 55 to 65. If you are eyeing some trout, warmer seasons would be a prime time to fly fish, as it is when trout bite the most during feeding time. 

For the best Southport fly fishing experience in summer, be sure to go fishing in early mornings and late evenings. In spring and fall, going out to fish around dusk can give you great fly fishing results. When fishing near the beach, go when there are tidal shifts because fish usually move in greater numbers at such times.

Do You Need A Fishing License To Engage In Fly Fishing In A Private Pond In Southport?

No, the North Carolina law doesn't require one to have an inland fishing license in order to fish in a private pond or lake. It is important to note though that a lake or pond located on a land that's owned by a public body like government building or state-supported university cannot be classified as private.

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