Small fly fishing reels FAQs

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What Are The Best Fly Fishing Reels In The Market Made Of?

Most inexpensive small fly fishing reels are made of plastic and graphite. But there are other fly fishing reels made from cast or machined metal that are inexpensive too. With cast reels, molten metal is poured into a mold while machined reels involve the reel being machined or cut out of a block of metal(typically aluminum). Metal reels are stronger and more durable hence a perfect choice for beginners and seasoned anglers. 

What Types Of Small Fly Fishing Reels Are There In The Market?

There are three main types of fly reels that anglers can use for fly fishing: single action, multiplying and automatic reels. A single action reel basically features a spool that makes one complete revolution with each turn of the reel handle. Most of such reels feature interchangeable spools. 

Multiplying reels, on the other hand, come with a spool that turns multiple times (depending on the reel's gear ratio) for each reel handle revolution. Unlike single action and multiplying reels, automatic style reels feature a spring tension device, which when activated by a lever, automatically retrieves the line back into the reel.

What Aspects Should You Look At When Choosing A Small Fly Reel For Fly Fishing?

When shopping for a fly reel, one of the most important things to consider is its ability to hold the necessary amount of fly line and backing for the weight of the rod you intend to fish with. If you have, for instance, purchased a 5-weight fly rod,the fly reel you choose to be able to accommodate fly line weights of between 4 and 6.

The second factor is the reel's drag (braking system). If you are planning to fish for trout species, going for an inexpensive drag system can just be sufficient. But if you are going against hard-running fishes like saltwater bonefish, then you'll need a stronger and fairly expensive drag system. Lastly, remember to choose  a fly reel size that's weighted appropriately so as to have a well-balanced fly rod.

How Does The Arbor Size Of A Small Fly Reel Affect The Fly Fishing Experience?

Arbor is basically the center part of the fly reel, where the backing and line is wound. The size of the arbor pretty much affects the fly fishing experience. A larger arbor ideally comes with increased backing capacity and takes up line much quicker, allowing for faster retrieve. 

If you're planning to go trout fishing, a smaller traditional reel can be great as it is lightweight in nature and offers great aesthetic balance with a typical light trout rod. Whether you're fly fishing for trout or any other saltwater fish, you can always find a reel that comes with a perfect arbor size for the job.

Are There Decent Fly Reels Under $100?

Yes, just like a range of other products in the market, the price of fly reels varies greatly depending on the design, size and functionality. There are inexpensive small fly reels priced at under $100 that can do great for trout fly fishing. On the other, you can still find high-end reels going for as high as $500 and more that can offer greater versatility, superb functionality and unmatched drag system performance.

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