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Are you among those visionary fishers that are using the Simms fly fishing hats? If not, could it be that you haven't heard about them? Considering everything done, I am glad to let you know that Simms head caps are here to transform your fishing experience into something new.

The establishment of Simms headgear.

Simms is a renowned angler that has played a significant role in the fishing industry. Simms was established in 1980 by John Simms with the aim of producing too quality waders for providing comprehensive safety for fishers. 

Simms started producing fedoras using neoprene, a high-quality material to meet the needs of visionary anglers that were in need of such gears. John Simms wanted his fellow fishing folks to enjoy taking part in this activity by spending maximum time in fly line without fear of their safety.

He's a visionary angler that wanted to deal with both short term and long-term fishing problems such as the scorching nature of the sun by providing long-lasting head caps suiting all anglers.

Simms inventions were aimed at eradicating fishing barriers that destructive such a beautiful sport. This included creating caps that suits this new generation, the ones that would fully empress the fly fishing culture.

Things to look for when choosing Simms helms.

Although Simms produces high-quality skullcaps, its good to choose something that suits your head size while providing the needed protection. You might pick a quality Stetson but still fail to enjoy its services. Therefore, given below are helpful considerations that will guide you choose the best Simms beret that will fancy your fishing adventure.

Know the correct measurement of your head.

Simms hats come in different sizes available for your collection. When buying theses cowl, it's good to know your heads measurements so that you can have something fitting. Fitting bowlers are comfortable, and you can be sure of not going through any inconveniences. 

Buying buggy hats can give you challenging moments, especially in windy conditions, as you would be required to house your hands to hold them in place, and this will significantly interfere with your casting techniques.

You can also end up losing your gear when carrier by the will or drop in fast-moving waters. Therefore choose this head kit according to your head size.

Know your dressing mode and style.

Your dressing style is very vital when it comes to choosing the Simms head kits. The best hat should be able to implement your outfits. If you like Boho clothes, then go for Simms fedoras or berets. 

Breton hats match well with pretty outfits. If you fancy a tomboy or grunge look, then go for a beanie or bowler.

You can get the fishing fly fishing designs from look-books that are found in various fashion websites and magazines. There are different fly shops deal with outfit designs such as flyshack where you can get colourful designs that will help you choose a suitable Simms helm. 

Choose a comfortable material.

Simms produces a wide range of caps such as felt, straw, nylon, and wool. I'll these products have their texture weight and comfort.

Wool hats are suitable in winter and cold fishing grounds as they will keep you warm.

Adventurous anglers can go for a cottoned fedoras since they are suitable for sporting events and formal events.

Nylon and straw hats are suitable summer kits that are super light with reflective properties. They are ideal for touring in beaches since they are breathable. They can give you maximum protection and comfort during sunny days.

Simms fly caps.

Simms produces a wide variety of head bowls having different shapes and colour designs. This article looks at the most trending helms that most anglers recommend.

Brookie hat dusk.

This is a baseball cap that made in a simplified design that is pretty cool. You can wear it all day long since its very comfortable.

It's an impressive looking gear that is made of mesh panels on the backside for airflow. This a crucial feature that will ensure you are comfortable in sunny conditions.

Good enough this kit is already customized and to fit any head size. You won't have to worry about its size because it's figured with an adjustable lining at the back that allows the user to fix a sitting size to their heads.

It comes with a snap bag for carrying your cap after finishing your activity. It's branded fish pond with an impressive picture of a fish that very much contextual. This product costs $22.95 at Amazon and is available at a much lower price on the Simms website.

Trout camo Beanie.

As the name suggests, this gear is designed explicitly for trout searching activities. It was initially a men's wear, but it's a great unisex outfit and can be worn by all anglers.

It's a classic hat that best suits in cold conditions since its made of 95% pure merino wool and filled with 4% nylon to make it waterproof and an extra 1% elastin material. 

It doesn't have side seam construction, and this makes it a fitting gear that's easy to wear since it can be worn cuffed or left hanging. It's available in one size, but it fits most men. It's coloured river camo which is an all-round colour that matches with all outfits. You can get this product at $30 on Amazon, and it's also available on the Simms website.


This is another reliable piece of equipment that is commonly known as the WINDSTOPPER. It's made of polyester fleece weighing 300g and lined with a winds topper that protects the user against strong winds. It's contoured and flattened at the seams making it easy to wear.

This cap is branded with a unique Simms logo made of silicon. It's a classic outfit that goes for $13 only and can be found across various online sellers.

Other brands of Simms caps include the Tarpons cape, Predator trucker, and the classic script. Acquire these Simms protective gears and enjoy your fishing adventures.

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