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Have you ever heard fly fishing for Pollock before? Pollock is a kind of North Atlantic marine fish which can be found in both North Atlantic and the United Kingdom. Fly fishermen prefer to fly fish for Pollock not only due to the challenges that the species bring but also excitement from the stirring fishing spots. In Scotland, you could explore some spots which have never been fished before. This passage is going to share the experience of Pollock fly-fishing.

√ Brief introduction to Pollock
 (Big pollock in West coast of Scotland)
Pollock are the predator of innate talent lurking in kelp beds whose huge eyes can discover every potential prey and cave-like mouths can gulp the creatures down.  The Pollock is renowned for its aggressiveness and fierce resistance. Once being hooked, it would plunge backwards into the kelp and this sudden dash sometimes even drags fly fishermen into the seaweed.

√ Fishing spots for Pollock
Scotland is east to the Atlantic Ocean and with its rugged coastline, there is great possibility for Pollock fly-fishing. Maybe hiking for half a day alongside the coastline, the anglers would find a place which is very suitable for catching the big Pollock.

√ Tackles for Pollock fly-fishing
Fly-fishing tackles vary a lot with the fish species and the specific conditions. And fly fishing for Pollock is no exception.

The light fly fishing rod will make you miss many opportunities for a Pollock. According to this experienced person, at least 11ft could meet the need for Pollock fly-fishing.

Maybe it sounds a little unbelievable but it would be understood when the anglers consider that there maybe many sudden drops off in depth of the fishing venues.
 Therefore, the higher rod will bring more easiness in fly fishing for Pollock. The long line of about 1.1m will help anglers measure the depth and distance. When fly-fishing a Pollock, the simplest files are always the most effective.

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