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When someone goes fishing, one might be well off to use the Patagonia fly fishing vest to store the various things they need to carry. One of those things is obviously the fly fishing rod itself, but also the component parts that allow the rod to even be useful. The Patagonia fly fishing vest has several pockets, which allow fly fishermen to carry useful tools on their fishing excursions. But why is the Patagonia fly fishing vest superior to that of others?   


The first reason that the vest is superior is convenience. 

The vest is built so that it can detach at the shoulders and vest. For purposes of transparency, the vest can be paired with separate products such as the Stormfront Roll Pack that is sold separately from the fly fishing vest. 

There is also a convenience in setting up the rod with the various tools needed. In order to set a rod, one needs to have materials such as tippets and spools for casting the rod. There are pockets designed with heavier materials which allow fishermen to carry these tools with them within the vest. 

The Hypalon fabric of the vest allows for resistance to the variety of chemicals you often can be exposed to when fishing. Cutting, gutting and gilling the fish can lead to dangerous discharge if not disposed of properly.     

 One might also be interested in other Patagonia fly fishing vests. 

The Patagonia Mesh Master II Fishing Vest is a bit more improved that the traditional, convertible Patagonia fly fishing vest. The quality and design of the mesh used for the vest allow for a more "breathable" design, where those who wear the Patagonia fishing vest are better able to stay comfortable in warmer weather. When one goes fly fishing, it might also be common to get wet during cold or rainy conditions. 

The material that is used to build this Patagonia fly fishing vest is rather unique, allowing for one to remain dry even during the rainiest of conditions. The 3-layer nylon that is employed creates a barrier of sorts for the Patagonia fly fishing vest and creates a shield that allows for both durability and the ability to repel water. 

The structure of the stacked upper pocket on the back side of the Patagonia fly fishing vest is deliberately placed to keep everything in the vest dry during your outing. 

Furthermore, bottom pockets, which can often be much more exposed than the top, are also double zippered so that nothing falls out. The front also has an adjustable side which allows for you to stack layers on top of the Patagonia fly fishing vest if you end up getting cold. Much like the convertible Patagonia fly fishing vest, one might often find themselves carrying a lot of weight within the vest itself. 

The Patagonia Mesh Master II Fishing Vest utilizes EVA foam, which is uniquely capable of creating an even distribution of the fly fishing vest. All in all, this Patagonia fly fishing vest is very useful.

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