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Orvis fly fishing vests offer one of the most amazing options in terms of storing fishing gear when out angling. These vests are not just modern and sleek looking but they are lightweight and super functional too. And thanks to improvements made on the Orvis vests for fly fishing, you can now enjoy a fishing experience like no other.    

What Do Orvis Fishing Vests Have To Offer Anglers?  

Comfort and Stability  

First off is the vests' lightweight material that's treated with DWR pocket design for faster drying and better breathing. Some of the Orvis fishing vests also come with strategically integrated mesh to ensure proper ventilation and form-fitting comfort.    

Then there's the front vest design, which features wide and deep bottom pockets. They are built with low-profile to allow you conveniently keep such gear as tippet spools, stomach pumps, spare nippers, flasks and other items in a strict organizational system.     

Unlike other brands that have pockets stack on top of others, most of the Orvis vests have less number of pockets but with large storage space. This allows you to load up and store your fishing paraphernalia in a balanced manner. At the end of the day, you won't be complaining of aching shoulders due to mismatched load.      

Access to Fishing Gear  

Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of the Orvis fly fishing vests is their vertical zipper design. All pockets on the vests are vertical save for the back ones. This pocket design not only makes storing all your fishing gear easier but also allows for their quick access when needed. There's simply no greater ergonomic motion when fishing than this.    

Ultra Lightweight  

Despite offering generous storage space, Orvis fly fishing vests are ultra-lightweight. With their average weight being around 14 oz, the vests allow you to conveniently store and carry fishing stuff around without feeling an inch of bulkiness. Hence comfort is guaranteed on your fly fishing trips.    Orvis Fishing Vest Options That You Can Choose From  

Orvis vests for fishing come in a variety of designs. The main ones though are the Clearwater Vest (which features multiple pockets), Orvis PRO Vest and the Ultralight Vest. Each of these vests is designed differently and come at different prices. You can compare their designs and functionality online before purchasing one.    

About The Quality and Price of Orvis Fly Fishing Vests  

Since the Orvis vests for fly fishing come with a range of materials, pocket designs and carrying capacity, the question of quality all comes to what you're looking for. The overall designs of these vests though are fairly durable and can give you value for money.    

In terms of pricing, the Orvis PRO Vest comes out as the most expensive in the Orvis range of vests because it is made from light and abrasion resistant nylon and DWR coating. The Ultraweight Vest is lesser expensive with its lightweight minimalistic pocket design while the Clearwater vest, though with many pockets is the least expensive.     

All of the Orvis fishing vests are great though in terms of functionality. Maybe if you are a little choosy, you can go into details such as material, pocket design, etc.     

Where to Buy an Orvis Vest for Fly Fishing  

Orvis fishing vests are readily available both online and locally. If you can't find them in your local fishing gear store, you can go online, order for one and have it delivered right to your address.

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