How To Select The Best fly reel for salmon fishing

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Having the best fly reel for salmon fishing is fundamental for all fly fishers, but it becomes challenging for a novice to choose the best. Why? It is because there are several options available in the market, making it hard to know what exactly to look for, and why. 

Most people don’t see the need to have a fly feel. I’ll not buy their idea from my experience. Although the purpose of a fly reel is to hold the fly line, there is also an aspect of fighting the fish. Basically, when dragging a large fish, a fly reel makes it easier to land. With that in mind, it is essential to learn about the aspect required from a salmon fly reel and remain confident when purchasing one. 

Fly reel retrieval rates

Choosing a fly reel with a high retrieval rate is particularly awesome. Why? It assists the fishers to play and land salmon efficiently and faster. Essentially, a fly reel that holds many lines faster helps to increase the fisher’s chances of landing a salmon. If you are not looking forward to increased backing capacity, you can invest in reels with huge arbor designs. 

The fly reel drag system

The dragging system controls the amount of resistance between the fisher and the salmon. A smooth system is the best since it can control the rod tip as well as the salmon. Two primary categories distinguish drags in spinning reels, i.e., the rear and front adjustment. A rear adjustment is utilized when tweaking the tension while in the midst of fighting with a bigger fish.

On the other hand, front drag is efficient for big fish such as Chinook. The enhanced effectiveness of this reel drag has something to do with the way it is tightened; however, generally, it is the drag surface size. Usually, front systems possess cool, large, and effective areas to slow down big salmon. 

In short, salmon are large fish species, and therefore, front-adjusted drag is undoubtedly the best spinning reel option. The drag has a large surface, hence an effective tool for tiring out large fish. When looking for a spinning reel, look for the one with the latest features like drag ring control. It is less awkward and easier to use.

Reel Durability

It is worthwhile to select a reel that will stand up to dings and scrapes. Basically, Salmon are mostly targeted in remote areas. Remote fisheries usually come with rugged landscapes and the ability for the reel to be subjected to some damage. If you are looking for the best fly reel for salmon, avoid the ones with a cast design because they’ll warp when dinged or dropped and are less durable. 

The most durable reels are anodized. Anodizing offers a finish that is resistant to scrapes, scratches, and other wear. Anodizing also increases the resistance of the reel to corrosion in saltwater. It is a critical aspect when fishing for salmon in tidal/brackish rivers. Many big game reels are essentially aluminum with either type III or Type II anodized finish. The higher type has a thicker anodized coating. 


Salmon fishing in freshwater means many casts with somewhat few plays on the other side. Spawning salmon fish should be in great mood to bite; however, species like kokanee are actually not predictable when it comes to mood. You should feel comfortable enough in your hands. You should feel confident when taking it out and repeating the case many times. The repetitive motion is uncomfortable if you are not using the right reel. You should consider casting with one hand and reel with the other. If you are not comfortable with that, just switch to another spinning reel. 

Spool inter-changeability

It is critical to look for a reel with interchange features. Why? Because you can load each with various type of sinking line, sink tip line, or different kinds of shooting lines. This allows versatility with one rod to virtually fish any condition. 

Arbor size

The arbor is actually the spindle that spool rotates. The arbor with a large diameter will be faster to retrieve. Hence, a larger arbor is the most appropriate than a standard-sized arbor.

Final word

Now you have some ideas on how to select the best fly reel for salmon fishing. Isn’t it the right time to ensure your fishing tackle is up to the job?

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