How to Put Line on a Fly Fishing Reel?

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How to put line on a fly fishing reel is one of the easiest tasks involved in fly fishing especially when you know how to tie various knots. Seemingly the majority of anglers have different techniques of tying a fly line to the reel. It's always advisable to ensure that the reel is positioned well so that any attachment which you intend to add on it will still make your fishing efficient.   

Reels come in different weights, sizes and designs, but the choice of the instrument depends on the purpose of your fishing and where you are going to fish. Additional, reels can also be set up on either side of the fishing rod, right or left.  Nevertheless, fly lines also come different lengths up to a maximum of 100 feet but they can't do without backing which helps the line to fish in deep waters.

Guidelines for putting a line on a fly fishing reel.
Step 1: Begin by assembling your fly reels and the fly rod in a working station or simply on a working surface. Depending on the guidelines which are often given on a manual guide, set up the free end of the backing onto the fly rod and tie the backing to your arbor. On the right end of the look formed, create another loop and tie the right end of the newly formed loop that goes through the first loop and make sure you tighten it well so that the loops backing is strongly attached to the arbor and in case you see some hanging thread, trim to make it fine.

Step 2: using several rounds of thread, wind or ties the backing the free end of the backing to the reel. It's good to ensure that you maintain the fly lines tension by holding the line strongly using your hand. This is useful in reducing slack that can easily weaken the line's tension while you are winding or attaching the arbor to the backing.

Step 3: using a surgeons knot, tie the fly line onto the backing.
Keep in mind that the two fly lines must overlap each other while the loops maintained 6 inches apart. Proceed by wetting the fly line using either water or saliva from your mouth and then close the surgeon's loop by pulling each end of the loops in opposite directions. While doing this, keep the line's tension intact in order to close the loop without the formation of additional threads.

Step 4: finalize by winding the fly lines free end to the arbor.

Do this by either looping or threading the line on the upper part of the arbor. Just like you did to the arbor, cut the excess line and ensure the knot in tightly wound. Depending on the size of the arbor wall, it's advisable to distribute or spread the line preferably inch the size of the arbor wall. It's easy to learn this task by either interacting with the experienced anglers or practicing it occasionally by following the above guidelines effectively. Just ensure the requirements of both the reel and the fly line such as their weight fit each other.

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