How to Pick The Right Fly Fishing Leader Length?

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Sometimes it can give you an headache when you have to choose the right leader length, that's a questions that all the fly anglers asked to themselves. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice:

Our partner Anthony Dodson say:

"Leaders strength and length depends on what your fishing fit and how your fishing, Dry fly, wet fly, big fish, small fish etc... It's a learning curve."

For Sean Rossouw, the thing is not so complicated too:

"About the Leader length I can say that :
Personally. My leader length l keep the same length as the rod 9' & tippet 6'-4'.
8#-6# rods, 0X-2X leader.
5#-4# rods, 3X-4X leader.
3#-1# rods, 5X-6X leader.

Obviously, the clearer the water is the lighter the weight leader you use but most importantly, when the water becomes very clear, it's more about the tippet length rather than weight."

For an extremely clear water is better to take a longer leader (between 12-15 foot), do not hesitate to add some tippets to increase the length of your leader when you’re looking for spooky fish.

For small spaces, small water or even during a windy weather it's better to use smaller leaders (between 6-7.5 foot). According to, "If you're fishing tiny, brush-choked mountain streams a 6-foot leader will be much easier to cast and control” and “7.5-feet is a great leader length when fishing for trout in small streams less than 20 feet wide."

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