How to Pack Fly Fishing Gear on Flight: Precautions you Need to Take

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Traveling to an exotic fishing location can be a very tempting vacation choice, but don't forget about how to pack fly fishing gear on flight. It is an important issue if you want to make sure any fishing trip goes as well as you'd imagined.      

The Way to Wrap Your Fly Fishing Gear Safely for a Flight     

When traveling with fishing equipment a 4 piece travel rod is a good choice, when packed in a hard case. It can normally be carried onto the plane with you, however, it is a good idea to check with your airline before you fly to make sure. You should also make sure you are aware of any charges the airline may add for such luggage. You don't want to arrive for your flight and get any nasty surprises on the day.    

 A 4 piece rod in a hard case will fit in the overhead storage compartments, even on smaller commuter aircraft. If it is going in the hold, it is a very good idea to fit a small padlock to reduce the chances of it being stolen.     

It is important to make sure that your rods don't move around too much in their cases. Otherwise, there is a good chance of damage being done. This will be particularly true if your rods are checked in and stored in the hold of the airplane. Luggage handlers have been known to throw around passenger's possessions, which is very likely to do some damage to a fly fishing rod.     

If you are taking a few rods with you on your trip, strapping or taping the rod cases together can be good to make it easier to carry them onto the plane. If they go in the hold strapped together, there is the danger of the strap breaking, so make sure each case is labeled.      

Methods to Protect Reels for Your Flight    

 There aren't any parts of the reel which airport security should have any concerns about, so it is better to take it in your carry-on luggage. This will stop the potential damage or theft which could occur when checked in for the journey. If you don't have space in your carry-on bag you should pack them in their original case if you have it. Pad the case out with packing material or failing that, socks should be able to do the job.    

 There can be problems from security in trying to bring a fishing line on a flight. It is best to remove it from the reel and pack it separately in your check-in luggage.       

Ways to Package Flies and Other Fishing Gear for Your Trip     

The TSA gives the advice that it is fine to pack fishing tackle in with your carry-on bag. However, it may be safer to pack them in with your main luggage. Though it shouldn't be a problem, you could find that a security agent doesn't want to let you through the gate with fishing hooks in your hand luggage.    

 The hooks you are packing should be sheathed, carefully wrapped and stored in a hard case if you have one. Larger hooks will be considered to be a potentially dangerous item and should never go in your carry-on bags. It isn't a bad idea to take a print out of the TSA advice on this matter, to show if you find any issue with hooks in your hand luggage.     

When you are packing fly fishing equipment for a flight don't forget about knives and tools like pliers which cannot be carried on board an aircraft. Make sure these go in with your main luggage as they will be taken away if found in your carry-on.     


The answer to how to pack fly fishing gear on flight, is carefully, if you want to make sure your equipment is ready to use when you get to your destination. Check with the airline in advance to make sure you know what is allowed and get any additional advice. With that said, have a nice trip!

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