How to make it in Sheefish Fly Fishing

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Sheefish fly fishing is absolutely difficult and exciting. Maybe you have heard it, “To fly fishing for Nelma, at first, you must find them.” It’s true. If you want to find them, the best place is on the river. When we talk about the difficulty in sheefish fly fishing, the distance of migrating for them is something we can’t avoid. Therefore, we summarized several tips for you to make it.

Nelma Description 

Nelma, the biggest members of the Whitefish, usually live in cold rivers in Alaska, Canada, and Russia. Insects and smaller fishes are their main nutrient source. Even though they are not so strong, they are difficult to be captured. If you are so lucky to get one Nelma in fly fishing, you will lose yourself in its taste.

Inconnu Tackle

Although the size of Inconnu can be very large, they are not too strong to catch in fly fishing. Just a medium rod can tackle them. They are prone to eat smaller lures and flies, so what you need is just choosing the suitable size of the rod to seize them.

Connie Techniques

Generally, Connie is seen close to the surface whey they chase bait. The difficulty in Connie fly fishing is how to lure them to bait the flies, not finding them. The tip is trying different parts of the water column to fish.

Sheefish lures

Giving their eating habits, it is worth trying to use lures and flies to imitate the small baitfish the Sheefish feed on in fly fishing. And don’t forget that they usually live in the bottom of the river, you had better catch them from the bottom.

Where to get the big Nelma 

If you want to get the biggest Nelma in fly fishing, you must not miss the region of Selawik-Kobuk which lies in the northwestern of Alaska.


Now, you must have a little understanding of sheefish fly fishing, and you will be an excellent fisherman by using these tips! 

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