How to Make Fly Fishing Poppers?

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As the other dry flies or nymphs you can also tie your own poppers, here is a guide to follow it step by step.

Which materials :
1. A Popper head
2. Hook with long shank
3. Thread
4. Body Colors : chartreuse buck tail back part ; chartreuse ; red and pearl flash ; strung saddle hackle: red and chartreuse
5. Glue, petit jean magic tool

Description step by step :

1. Use a streamer hook with a long shank, the hook must be held strongly by the vice.
2. Put the popper head over and from the end of the head put a bit of glue and start your thread.
3. You can remove your popper head then take the bottom part of the buck tail, you have to tie right in, you should put a bit of glue after it.
4. With 8 strands of small Chartreuse flash, 2 strands of small red flash and 2 strands of small pearl flash, Fold it in 2 part and cut them to the middle, then roll the flash to mix them. Make effort to create a natural look especially by watching the end, put a bundle of flash on the shank before spreading on it with a 50-50 on the back and on the front.
Tie your flash within 3 turns in the middle then fold it over and tie the rest in, don’t forget a bit of glue again.
5. Grab 5 strung saddle hackles (3 chartreuse, 2 red), tie the 3 chartreuse on the top of the buck tail and the red ones on the bottom.
6. Time to go with the collar, we recommend you to take 2 strung saddle hackles in chartreuse and to use the bottom part. Put it in the magic tool then cut the hard stamp off, make a dubbing loop and put the fibers in the loop. To create more volume spin the dubbing loop and brush fibers.
7. Wrap the hackle brush around your shank and pull the fibers back while wrapping, those fibers must point backward tie of the brush, add glue.
8. Make a tag on the bottom by cutting away the chartreuse part then take a red strung saddle hackle. You should use the bottom part of your magic tool and cut away the stamp, now you have to grab all the material together and tie it in on the bottom.
9. Mix a bit of epoxy with it, cover the shank with epoxy (thin layer too), then put your popper head over the shank. Add some eyes with epoxy again and you can also cover them with a thin layer of epoxy and then avoid to lose them when you will catch a fish.
10. The End, take a time to look at the result.

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