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If you are one of the crafts and design enthusiasts, you’ll definitely enjoy making a fly fishing lanyard. It’s a tool that will drive you to expand your imagination and come up with something unique and attractive. But do you even need that river bling around your neck?

There are times when you don’t have a neat pocket to put in your fly fishing stuff. Other times, the weather tends to be too hot. Just because it’s illegal to walk in your birth suit, you opt to wear a vest or light clothing that doesn’t have pockets. 

And even so, it’s awkward to move around with overstuffed pockets and more hectic to look for stuff in it. Therefore, it’s not just about overstuffed pockets; it’s also about the proper organization for easy retrieval. That’s where a fly fishing lanyard comes in; it’s the smartest solution. It helps you keep your fly fishing essentials right at the bottom of your nose, unlike no other tool/system. 

You can buy them from shops at prices ranging from cheap to expensive. Other than running to the shops to buy one, the good news is that you can make your own without limitation on the choice of design. Below is a guideline on how to make a lanyard.

Materials needed to make a fly fishing lanyard.

Craft lacing

For this, you should use plastic lace rather than leather lace. Apparently, plastic is waterproof, while leather is not. However, both are available in various colors, so you have the benefit of selecting among many choices.


Wooden beads will be our choice for this assignment. Choose both dark and light-colored. You may also want to picture them with plastic beads for the color of your choice. Both types of beads should have a hole in the center.

Surgical tubing

Be sure to have surgical tubing ready or alternatively get an eyeglass retainer whose ends have a rubber tubing. 

Other materials that you might probably need during weaving are a hook and a vice. 

Make your own fly fishing lanyard in the following simple steps.

1. Weave the main body 

Take your hook (could be a large fly fishing hook) and remove the pointed end using a pair of pliers. Dispose of the pointed piece to avoid careless injuries. Use the vice to hold your modified hook upside down and in a backward position. 

Cut a considerable size of the craft lace and make three or four strands depending on the design of weaving you want to produce. If you don’t want trouble with weaving, the three-strand design is simple and takes less time. 

Now put these strands on your hook and begin weaving. Weave until all the three/four strands have been used up completely. Once you finish, tie the ends so that weaved body doesn’t unravel. 

Make the body stiffer by wrapping it using a heavy mono around it. Form a series of abutting turns and tie the mono at the end to secure it further. 

Cut the excess piece of mono. 

You can apply glue around the mono to further ensure the wraps. 

2. Insert the surgical tubing

Get that bottle of energy drink, gulp several sips, and get ready to start off this step. You’ll need extra effort to make things work at this point.

Twist the braided piece and apply force so that you insert one braid end into one surgical tubing end. Be sure to insert it at a considerable length so that it doesn’t slip very easily due to the weight of the tools on it. 

The surgical tubing serves safety purposes. For instance, in case you hung up on something sturdy, the braid pulls off from the tubing easily. On the contrary, the absence of tubing would mean that the braid could strangle your neck.

3. Insert the beads

The most interesting part of making a lanyard comes when you get to stringing the beads. String them in the order that you like so you achieve the design of your choice. You now got a lanyard. 

If, for any reason, you don’t like that design, remove one end of the braid from the surgical tubing and rearrange the lanyard to suit you. 

There is no limit to the times you can rearrange your lanyard. 

Unleash your creativity and use it to make what you like.

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