How To Make A Custom Fly Fishing Lanyard

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A custom fly fishing lanyard is a useful tool that you should carry when you are going for a fishing expedition. This is because the tool will help you to centralize most of your fishing equipment. Also, a lanyard is a simple tool that you can easily carry around your neck. Even for a beginner, using a fly fishing lanyard is comprehensible. Moreover, the process of making a useful fly fishing lanyard is quite simple. Below are the simple steps that will guide you on how to make a good fly fishing lanyard.

Step 1. Gather the essential tools for making the fishing lanyard

The necessary tools that you will require include; latex tubing, clear plastic tubing, paracord, snap swivels and clasps, hemostat, fly box, nippers, and clippers. Since you are making the custom fly fishing lanyard by yourself, you can customize it according to your preference. For example, you can add a tippet, bug spray, lighter, leaders, a small pouch, e.t.c. The approximate cost of this equipment is around $6, but you can also source them out without a cost. Hence, making the fishing lace to be quite cheap.

Step 2. Seal and pace out the angling thread with the latex and clear plastic tubing

After you have gathered the requirements, the next step is to prepare your thread to accommodate different tools. The purpose of the latex tubing is to make the fly fishing lanyard have a comfortable feel around your neck. The clear plastic tubing creates space between the different tools. Ensure that you seal your thread with the latex tubing. Then, use the clear plastic tubing space out of the thread according to your preference. After that, your angling thread will be ready to carry the different essential tools.

Step 3. Attach the essential items on your custom fly fishing lanyard.

The next essential step is to attach different tools on the fly fishing lanyard. The basic items that you should attach include; hemostat, clippers, fly box, snap swivels, and clasps. Moreover, you should ensure that your custom fly fishing lanyard does not swing unnecessarily. Attaching a file clasp will hold the lanyard on you firmly. You can also attach a small pouch to carry other essential items, i.e., tippet, leaders, and indicators. These different items will make your tool convenient and effective.

Step 4. Experiment if your lanyard is valid for fishing

The next step is to try out your homemade fly fishing lanyard. You can arrange a fly fishing expedition in a river or lake. The harvest of your expedition will prove if your centralized angling equipment is convenient and effective.

Best Custom Fly Fishing Lanyards

If you find the process of making a custom fly fishing lanyard difficult and complicated, you can easily purchase high-quality fishing lanyards online. Some of the best fly fishing lanyards include:

1. Hand Woven Fly Fishing Lanyard

This fishing lanyard is woven by free hand. It is a braided necklace that incorporates streamside accessories and a fly box. Moreover, this angling tool is made using polyester and swivels that can be easily adjusted. The price of the Hand Woven Fly Fishing Lanyard is $25.99. You can purchase it online at

2. High-Quality Fly Fishing Lanyard

This is the next quality custom fly fishing lanyard that you can easily purchase online. The price of this fishing lanyard is $19.99, hence it quite affordable. The lanyard is handwoven and made of polyester. This makes it efficient, ergonomic, and comfortable to carry. It also incorporates different useful accessories such as forceps, zinger, nipper, bottle holder, and tippet holder.

3. Fly Fishing Lanyard with Fishing Tools Comb

This is a simple but effective custom fly fishing lanyard that you can purchase online at an affordable price. The fishing tools incorporated on the lanyard include; nipper, tippet carrier, forceps, fly patch, and a line cleaner. This makes the fishing lanyard centralized, convenient, and efficient.

A creatively made custom fly fishing lanyard is a tool that you can easily make for yourself. The process is simple, and the requirements can be easily acquired. You can follow the steps explained above to customize the fishing lanyard according to your preference. A fly fishing lanyard is a useful tool that is convenient and efficient.

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