How to Learn Brown Trout Fly Fishing Tips?

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If you want to learn brown trout fly fishing tips, you should know the basic knowledge about fly fishing. As we all know, fly fishing is a stream fishing method that has been widely popular in Europe and America. And fly fishing is mainly focusing on catching ferocious predatory fish. If you want to catch brown trouts successfully, you need to practice a lot. As fly fishing activity attaches great significance to practice, fly fishers have to try a lot of times after they are familiar with this fishing method. 

As far as I can judge, fly fishing skills contain a lot of content, For example, it is of great significance for you to choose fly fishing equipment such as fly fishing rods, fly fishing vises, fly fishing baits, and so on. In addition, it is also very crucial for you to know how to select a good fishing position as well as how to catch the target fish smoothly. These fly fishing tips are all important for fly fishers so that you have to be patient to learn. 

First of all, fly fishers can learn binding feather hooks. The fly fishing hook shall be properly selected according to the size of fish in rivers, streams, or creeks. Taking horse-mouth fish as an example, the fly fishing hook with a No. 2 to 4 long handle and connecting ring should be selected. Fly fishers should use colored feathers to fix the hook handle and then use colored cotton thread to fix it by binding the feather hook. 

The remaining feathers should be close to the hook body and fixed to the hook with colored cotton thread. A small amount of 502 glue can be used to help fix it, and 0.5cm feathers should be left at the tail of the hook. Fly fishing hooks can also be purchased, but they are generally too large. At the same time, fly fishers will lose the fun of making by themselves. 

Second, what fly fishers need to learn is throwing. To be frank, throwing and casting are the most crucial and difficult parts to learn. The most attractive thing about fly fishing is the action of throwing or casting a fly fishing line and watch it fly in the air. As a matter of fact, the process of throwing is the toughest step to master. Fishermen and fisherwomen should stand in the water and throw their fly fishing rods upstream. 

The brown trout fly fishing tips lie in releasing the main line twice the length of the fly fishing rod and fly fishers should hold the fly fishing rod in one hand and wave it back and forth slowly in the air to expand the fishing line. Meanwhile, fly fishers can remove the water on the feather hook. Fly fishers need to pull out a section of the main line from the fly fishing reel and set out while throwing. When the fishing line is thrown out of a certain length, it should make the fishing line draw a circle in the air rhythmically. 

Next, fly fishers have to learn how to control the feather hook. Generally speaking, the floating line is selected as the main line. After the fishing line enters the water, one hand holds the fly fishing rod and the other hand slowly moves to the recovery line. In the meantime, the fly fishing rod should be used to pull the fishing line to make the feather hook jump gently on the water surface of the stream, making it look like a real drowning insect struggling to death so as to smoothly attract the target fish. 

But fly fishers should keep clearly in mind that they would not make the feather hook move too much on the water to avoid disturbing the target fish. When the target fish bites the bait, you can see the waves and the hand taking up the thread will also feel trembling. At this time, you should hold the fishing line tightly and then pull the fishing line back with your hand as fast as possible to avoid fish escaping. After learning the brown trout fly fishing tips, fly fishers should be more confident and practice more.

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