How to Fly Fish Sustainably in Basalt and Everywhere

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From expert to novice fly fishing in Basalt, Colorado and around the world, sustainable practices ensure that the whole experience is enhanced for the angler, the fish and their habitat, for generations to come. is a leader in the industry: both in top-shelf gear AND in being a mission-driven company protecting the fragile environment.

Whether space is limited for fly fishers who use the roll cast, or if the area is large enough for the two-stroke cast, is the one-stop-shop for evolved fly fishing enthusiasts, many who give positive world-wide reviews. Enhancing the experience is knowing how precious, fragile and compromised our freshwater and oceans have become; so the best anglers in Basalt and the world over do care deeply about their resource and its viable future. 

Rods, reels, lines, and flies are just a few of the many choice products sold here to fly fish like a pro on one of Basalt’s or other of Colorado’s 6,000 rivers and streams, for example while keeping in mind responsible catch-and-release practices. The mortality rate for a fish that swallows a hook is very high – even if it swims right away. A fish that swallows a fly and does NOT bleed during removal will survive. Future generations rely on this practice.

The fisher-person who gently handles the delicate fish – without wiping off the necessary outer layer of liquid, and who then removes the hook lightly from its paper-thin mouth, and places it quickly back into the water, will have had the most holistic fly fishing experience. Located 30 minutes from Aspen and from the Colorado River, Basalt is a classic example of a leading fly-fishing destination spot.

The respected journal, The Ecologist, published an article about Basalt's fly fishermen-and-women regarding their critical role: “The need for environmental protection has never been so great. Our rivers, lakes, and streams are under constant threat from agricultural run-off and diffuse pollution, invasive species, siltation, point discharges from sewage treatment works and industrial activity, water extraction, forestry activity and more."

These experts remind us that “Rivers are particularly vulnerable to such pressures. Basalt and other anglers play an important role in protecting and conserving the aquatic environment. They act as custodians of the waters they fly fish and are often the first to notice and report pollution incidents or other environmental issues that need addressing.” This truth is the sparkle on the water’s surface and the promise of life within.

MaxCatchFishing resonates with the best of Basalt, for one example, which boasts two “Gold Medal” rivers, totaling over 35 miles of world-class fishing. Gold Medal waters produce at least 12 trout which are 14 inches or more per acre. Accessible to the public, these rare waterways also guarantee a balanced, healthy ecosystem. Think of the beauty and excitement of a fresh hatch of mayflies rising from a healthy river into the sunrise. 

For those fly fishers seeking to explore Basalt and to be the most successful and sustainable anglers there possible – each man, woman, and youth need to be prepared for the challenging 6,600+ foot altitude. A few hints: Boost sunshine and vitamin D intake. Practice thin-air breathing exercises in advance. Bolster up on fruit and fluids. Bring the right gear. Rest when the body says so. Being able to “fill the well” means a better fishing experience for humans, fishes, and this one earth.

Rainbows, brookies, cutthroats and browns name some of the abundant fly-fishermen’s choices in Basalt’s famed, top-notch Roaring Cut Valley. Four-season fishing here, with easy access, amps up the value of this model fishery. Wading and floating guide trips are for anyone seeking to maximize the adventure by taking out the guesswork. The “small-town charm” of Basalt village makes accommodations, shopping and dining integral parts of the fly-fishing experience.

Whether the intrepid fly-fisher seeks the perfect jacket, backpack, clipper, zinger, or toolkit, the full range of fishing needs are easily found at Basalt anglers and those countless others who rave about these products and the lofty mission know that there are fly-by-night companies, but there are few fly-fishing companies that lead the industry both in products . . . and integrity.

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