How to Choose the Right Fly Fishing Rod with Reel for You?

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Fly fishing rod with reel is essential for your near-future fishing activities. You’ve made up your mind to learn fly fishing, so you should be well prepared in expertise and equipment. Some of the intricacies of choosing this necessary fishing gadget will be introduced in the following passage according to my experience as well as practical situations. 

The poles with reel should be a basis for you to start fishing activities. Information on more devices requires your further study and more practice to accumulate the knowledge, which can contribute to your first try and sense of success. To choose the fly fishing rod with reel, you should have a good knowledge of them respectively. 

How to choose a Fly Fishing Rod

We can choose different fly sticks in terms of the type of fish you are targeting at.   ROD WEIGHT in the terminology is used, which isn’t the physical weight of the fly rod but about that of the fly line that is weighted to cast out the fly, and the stick is used to cast the line. 

In other words, light fly stick means light lines and little fish, vice versa. In fly fishing, a small rod is ideal when fishermen fish in the mountain streams but the same stick for steelhead can be a failure. If you aim for some big fierce fish in the ocean, then a heavier rod will be a more proper choice. 

Fly Rod Action: There are rods with an “action” intended to describe their flex characteristics on the market. Such rods are usually very stiff and flexed in the tip. A “medium action” one will flex into the middle while a “slow action” one will flex into the holder. So you need to practice a lot to handle the balance between your arm, wrist and stick. 

How to Select a Fly Fishing Reel

On most occasions, the reel is designed and matched with a rod of a certain size. For instance, a ¾ reel can work with either a 3/4 weight stick. For instruments with sizes 4 and up, the drag becomes significant. However, the reel drag isn’t used a lot in the smaller pole with sizes 0-4 in fishing. The fish are usually pulled in manually and such an action is named stripping. 

In many cases, when a fish is hooked, fishermen eager to get the“fish on the reel”. This is to say reeling in the extra fly line to make the line between the reel and fish tight, which allows the reels to apply pressure on the fish in this way. The reel quality is more important in larger sizes. 

Any reel for a fly rod size 6 and up would meet your requirements on quality, but this is just for the fly rod; a superior fly reel is also important for other types of fly fishing activities. But on fly fishing in saltwater, a good quality fly reel is required. 

A larger-sized reel like 8 weight and up has enough line capacity of over 150 yards of the line and backing. This meets all requirements for all fishing in freshwater. Line capacities of up to 300 yards may be required in fishing in saltwater. 

After knowing the functions of the fishing rod and reel separately, you can pick up the fly fishing rod and reel combos easier. Many online and offline stores sell such fly fishing gear for beginners for it can save your time for choosing and relatively cost less money. Brands like Orvis, Redington, and Sage are recommended. 

Matching the Suitable Fly Line with the Rod and Reel

Usually, a set of the fly fishing rod with reel matched with suitable lines could be beneficial to your start. When a fisherman just starts to learn how to fly fish, such a set sold with a suitable line could relieve certain stress of getting into the activity. I’ve bought a fly rod combo with its reel and a matching line called the NXT sold by TFO and this may be a reference for you. 

Once you are inexperienced, you’ll find that you would be forced into selecting fly lines. And I would advise you might buy ONE size heavier than the rod when you start with the 4-6 weight rod recommended.

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