How To Choose The Best Fly Fishing Forum

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A fly fishing forum is a second-best companion to a fly fisher after an experienced friend. The forums have a mix of newbies and experienced anglers. While the newbies will be flooding the forum with questions, the experts will be sharing their expertise and probably asking for new recommendations on new fly fishing spots.

While there are so many fly fishing forums, some of them are just not as good but others are probably worth your subscription. It’s essential that you understand the criteria for choosing the best so that you don’t end up in a place that feels away from home. The criterion is based on how active the forum is; what kind of material and intellectual support is available; and how friendly its members are. But first, do you even know the reasons you should consider joining a forum? Of what benefit is it to do so? Let’s see.

Why join a fly fishing forum?

Your most immediate friend might not tell you much about fly fishing (especially their best fishing spots and techniques) but a forum will expose to expansive knowledge of the subject matter. This is true especially with the fact that forums are made by people from different places that come together for a common goal. Here are some benefits of joining a fly fishing forum:

Learn new techniques

Fly fishing forums are pools to loads of information. With the large variety of anglers, fresh information flows every now and then. Everything from trying a knot to casting is covered in the forums. The expert anglers will share tips that will enrich your fly fishing skills that will grow your love for the sport.

If you are a beginner, you’ll most likely have a lot of questions with which knowledgeable anglers will answer. Consider spotting and catching ups with a passionate angler; you could also be lucky to find a mentor who takes you through fly fishing until you’re polished enough to own the title “expert.”

Even if you already consider yourself an “expert” there’s always something new to learn from these forums. Be sure to make friends while learning from this great platform.

Buy or sell fly fishing gear

Whether you need an upgrade to your existing gear or you simply didn’t have any, a fly fishing forum serves you just as good a fly fishing shop.

Forums have special sections that allow members to post what they’d like to sell. For these, the budget is always good as the products sold are second hand.

If you also bought something that you feel is the best for you at the moment or probably you have a number of similar items, post them in the forum and wait to see if anyone gets attracted to your deal.

How do you choose the best fly fishing forum?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself one simple question- what constitutes a good forum. As earlier on said, a good forum revolves around the nature of the group (active/dormant), the nature of participants (friendly/unfriendly) and the nature of the content available (wide variety/shallow).

Nature of the forum

A forum could be very active, fairly active, or barely active. You’ll definitely want to choose an active forum because it guarantees you that new information will be coming in often. In identifying an active forum, you need the statistics of the users who visit the forum on a daily basis. High statistics are an indication that new anglers sign up every day.

Nature of participants 

Other than in fly fishing forums, we’ve all seen or been in groups where members aren’t friendly. The best solution to such groups is to quit. But why wait to quit when you can choose a group worth your stay? This is the same case with fly fishing forums; choose a forum whose members’ interpersonal relationship skills are of no doubt. A good forum should have a combination of friendly and patient members who are willing to share whatever information they have. This will be achieved if there’s a mix of experienced anglers and beginners. You can go through the discussions in the forums to see how engaging the conversations are.

Nature of content

You want to join a forum that’s rich in fly fishing information. Imagine being in a forum that updates you on the fishing conditions of various fishing destinations each day. What of that time you need to buy a certain fly fishing gear and you just log in to your forum and check the reviews of a range of related items? Fishing guidelines like how to catch various fish species at various places during what season should also be available.

Recommended fly fishing forums

North American Fly Fishing Forum

This is so far the most active forum as determined by the number of daily visitors (7000 visitors/day). Notwithstanding the high visit rate, the forum is characterized by lively discussions meant to exchange knowledge and perhaps learn new stuff if you are a beginner. 

The forum is rich in information, from the basic fly fishing information to the tricks that most anglers consider strongholds. Participation in the forum is all-inclusive, with a good balance of men, women, and youth. 

The forum’s preciseness in posting information particularly regarding fly fishing reports and conditions is overwhelming. As it is divided into regional sections, it’s easy for anyone to find updated information on all regions. It, therefore, becomes easy for fly anglers to choose when to fish where. 

New York Angler 

Every fly fisher in New York hails to the famous New York angler forum. It’s perhaps because this fly fishing forum serves the people of the region better. However, the forum also covers its neighboring regions so are free to join even if you don’t reside in New York.

Being centered around New York, you can expect the latest information on all fly fishing spots in New York, both freshwater and saltwater spots. This, however, doesn’t limit the forum in providing general fly fishing information. 

The forum also recommends the latest and tested fly fishing equipment and advises on which shops would be best to visit. The diversity of the forum extends to other fly fishing related aspects such as hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, and more. A New York resident would never go wrong with the New York angler forum. 


With its roots in Pennsylvania, the Paflyfish forum is a blessing to the people of its region and the entire united states in general. Fly fishing reports, fishing conditions updates, lively and helpful discussions, all include the ingredients served at Paflyfish.

You’d not want to miss the timely fly fishing updates that help you in deciding the best lure for the day, and the best spots of the day. Members in the forum are very active and engaging, willing to share information in detail. Even a new angler would feel at home in Paflyfish. 

Spey Pages

If you’ve ever had an interest in Spey casting, Spey Pages is the forum for you. It mostly deals with Spey casting, with loads of information about the sport. The forum has two fundamental sections: the new member section and the Spey basics section. If logging in for the first time, the “New member introduction” section serves to help you introduce yourself to your new “family”. 

The “Spey basics” section contains general information about spy casting. All answers to your questions regarding Spey casting will find answers in this forum. Want to know more about tackle, rod, and any other fly fishing information? Visit Spey Pages. 

Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum

Any thought of trout fishing should probably be accompanied by the thought of the Troutnut forum. As the name goes, this forum holds intensive discussions on the trout species. 

Troutnut is particularly useful for individuals who are new to trout fishing. All the tricks of catching trout, the flies to use during what season, and the fishing spots with a high concentration of trout are all covered in the forum. 

Fishing reports and conditions are updated on a regular basis to keep the members at par with the current trends. Join this cool forum; it’s worth your time.

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