How to Choose Gander Mountain Fly Fishing Gear

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Without a doubt, Gander mountain fly fishing gears are the most comprehensive out there. This isn't surprising - seeing as their vision is to provide top-notch outdoor equipment throughout the country. 

Now called Gander Outdoors, to accurately reflect the type of equipment it sells, there are over 160 change stores in about 27 states. They're essentially the largest outdoor specialty store in the US. If you're a novice angler, there's no doubt that visiting the Gander mountain fly fishing gear section will be the stuff of legends. It'll be both exciting and intimidating. To make your fly fishing buying process a breeze, or to at least make you NOT feel like you're the only clueless angler, we're going to "cast" our best fly fishing gear knowledge. 

As part of the close-knit fly fishing family out there, our first advice is to learn the waters you'll fly fishing in. Know what species thrive there, how many fights they put up, how big they get and the best time to go fishing in that water body. Everything you need to know about your Gander mountain fly fishing gear depends on what you're able to learn before shopping. With that out of the way, let's dive in. 

Choosing the Fly Line

Of all your fly fishing gear, 2 stand out the most, in terms of importance. We'll deal with the second later, but one of the most important fly fishing equipment is the fly line. A fly line floats or sinks, and it determines if you have correctly loaded rods. Lines are usually between zero points, to 12 in terms of weight, and you can usually find them at all Gander mountain fly fishing gear sections. 

Theoretically speaking, you're meant to match the weight of the line to the weight of the rod. So if you have a 7-weight rod and reel, you should buy a 7-weight fly line. 

Unlike other types of fishing, like bait or spin fishing where the weight of the lure determines the rod cast, with fly fishing the line determines the cast. There are literally 10s of lines, but we'll focus on just one type, on the off chance you still aren't sure where you'll be going fly fishing. It's the "weight forward" fly line. 

With the weight forward line, the fly line's weight is distributed in the front part of the line. It's great for virtually all types of casting techniques, and you can find it at any Gander Mountain fly fishing gear aisle. Just remember to match the weight of the line to that of the rod and reel, otherwise, things won't be balanced. 

Choosing your Fly Rod 

Fly rods are the second most important part of your gear. 

If there's just one thing you learn from this section, it's that the price of a rod won't necessarily affect your performance. Your fly line and your ability to cast will determine your performance, and not how expensive your rod is. Sure, most expensive fly rods come with extra perks, but if you're just starting out, you don't want to rush and get the most expensive. Something cheap or averagely priced will be fine until you find your footing in the fly fishing world. Usually, expensive rods just mean expensive items were used to make them. 

With fly rods, the bigger your target fish, the heavier you want to go. A 0-weight rod doesn't mean it weighs zero pounds. Just that it might be able to carry only a teeny tiny fish. A 12-weight fly rod would be able to carry an overweight grandparent fish. Or something just as big - you get the picture. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the fish, the heavier the rod should be. Stick to this, and you'll be alright. For example, a panfish can be caught with a 6-weight rod, but a 50-pound trout would need something a lot heavier. 

Fly Choices 

Flies come in a variety of colors and patterns, categorized based on whether they float on top of the water, float just beneath the surface or sink. Again, your choice of fly will depend on what the fish likes to eat. 

Instead of just staring at the Gander mountain fly fishing gear in the store, you can ask those around which equipment suit your needs.

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