How to Choose Fly Fishing Bait for Trouts?

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It is of great significance for fly fishers to choose the right fly fishing bait for trouts. As is known to all, fishing baits play a crucial role in attracting the target fish. In addition, fly fishers need to know more about the living habits of the target fish. For example, if fly fishers want to catch the trouts, they need to prepare the corresponding fishing baits ahead of time to attract fish to bite the fishing baits. 

Trouts can be regarded to be the main target fish of fly fishing. As we all know, fly fishing is originated in European and North American countries. And nowadays, fly fishing has become popular even in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and other regions that were once the land of British immigrants. Without any doubt, trout can be considered as the most representative fish species of freshwater fly fishing. 

The discovery of such a typical fly fishing target fish species has become the beginning of the development of fly fishing worldwide. When rainbow trout, which is native to North America, is introduced to all continents, they become the standard fish for fly fishing. So far, trouts have become ubiquitous in a large number of countries. And fly fishing baits are important for attracting trouts. There are six types of fishing baits, which will be illustrated in the following passages. 

The first kind of fishing bait is the dry fly which is suitable for attracting the fish living on the surface of the water. The second type of fishing bait is the wet fly. Generally speaking, it is mainly used to emulate aquatic insects such as the young flies. The third kind of fishing bait is a nymph, which can be called a poper. These streamers mimic small fish so as to attract the attention of fish with colorful shapes and different colors. 

The fourth fishing bait is streamers. is used to simulate the juvenile phase of aquatic insects such as flies. It is often used to catch largemouth black bass. The sixth type of fishing bait is the floating pupa, roughly the same type as the floating nymph, which is designed to mimic the emergence of the nymph or pupa. Though there are various types of fishing baits, fly fishers do not need to worry about how to choose the right fly fishing bait for trouts because all kinds of fishing baits are suitable for trouts. 

Fortunately, some fly fishers have introduced rainbow trout from Japan in China a few years ago. Therefore, as there are many artificial rainbow trout breeding farms in many provinces in China, fly fishers can go fly fishing at these fish farms. It is the perfect place to experience fly fishing and improve the technique for fly fishing and enjoy the feel of catching rainbow trout for the first time with fly fishing. Moreover, fly fishers can try different fishing lures to make sure which fishing lure is the best one. 

If fly fishers want to catch rainbow trout in the wild environment, you need to know a lot of factors. As trouts that grow up in the wild surroundings will be more vigilant, fly fishers need to be more skillful and experienced so as to catch trouts. Rainbow trout's habitat in freshwater is mainly including lakes, reservoirs, or clean streams and rivers. 

Fly fishing in lakes and reservoirs is more difficult than in streams. This is because the water in lakes and reservoirs is broader and the water level is deeper, so it is not easy to find the exact location of the fish. If fly fishers want to challenge themselves, they can go to lakes or reservoirs to examine their fly fishing techniques and improve their skill. 

Generally speaking, rainbow trouts forage in shallow waters near the shore only when aquatic insects emerge in lakes and reservoirs. There is only a short period of time each year and only in this time can fisherman and fisherwoman catch them by fly fishing. Therefore, fly fishers can prepare proper fly fishing bait for trouts to wait for the rainbow trouts. In most of the other months, it is necessary for fly fishers to use fishing boats to achieve the purpose of catching trouts. 

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