How to Change a Fly Fishing Reel from Right to Left Handed

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You may have been facing challenges when trying to operate a right-handed reel yet you are left-handed. You should not worry; you can easily change the direction of the reel by following simple steps.


First, you need to ensure you follow the right steps in changing the direction of your fly fishing reel. The fly line may need special care to avoid cases where it can end up been tangled. If you find it hard to change the direction of the reel, you can as well buy a right or left handed reel which you are comfortable. You should not worry; it is an easy step you can take. There are several videos online you can follow to change the direction of the reel. Here are the simple steps you can take to change the direction of the reel:  

How to change a fly fishing reel from right to left handed 

 Disassemble the reel  

You will have to disassemble the reel before you can change the direction of the reel. You need to disable the reel. It is a simple process you can undertake using simple tools at home. The main process of disassembling the reel is to unwind the line so that you can have it on an arrangement which you can easily operate using the left hand.   

Unwind and wrap the line on another reel  

You need to unwind the reel carefully then wrap it on another reel. You can as well use a piece of cardboard so that you can wrap the reel. After you have wrapped the reel, then you will be ready to proceed to another step. You should be careful when handling the reel. Ensure it is wrapped on a piece of cardboard or another reel where you can easily unwind it and take it back to the original reel.   Turn the bearing over  

Your bearing plays a great role in determining the direction of your reel. If you would like to change a left handed reel to a right-handed reel, you need to turn over the bearing and wind the reel on it. The bearing will determine whether the reel will move in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Ensure you turn over the bearing but you should be careful not to damage it. After you have turned the bearing, you will then have to wind the reel in place before you proceed to assemble the whole item. 

Assemble your reel on the overturned bearing  You need to assemble the reel using the overturned bearing so that you can change the winding direction. Follow the steps you flowed to disassemble the reel. Each step you take you should ensure you adhere to the right steps so that you can get the reel in place. After you have fully assembled the reel, you need to test it and ensure it is working well. These are simple steps you can take to change the direction of your reel. Instead of buying another reel, you can follow the above simple instructions to get the reel ready so that you can enjoy your fishing process.

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