How to Attach a Fly Line on a Fly Fishing Reel?

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To teach you how to attach a fly line to a fly fishing reel, we choose to call one of our ambassador, I named Anthony Dodson ladies and gentlemen. This experienced angler who fish mainly in Ireland will explain you clearly all the steps to put a line properly on your reel, let’s start.

Anthony Dodson:

“Ok so attaching a fly line. first the reel is loaded with backing material this is one to fill the spool and used to fish when a big fish strips all the line it’s attached like this:

Then attach your fly line to that backing line like this :

Depending on reel size and fish your fishing for is dependent on what strength backing line you use I average 20lb it’s rare here on a single hand rod id get a fish to strip the line to the backing so in my case it’s used to just fill the spool enough so the fly line is just under the lip of the outside of the spool.

Then on the end of the fly line you attach a braided loop, these are pre bought or like myself can be made.

Then your tipper line is attached to this with a loop to loop connection.

And the job is done.”

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