How to adjust with the seasons of Chattooga river for fly fishing

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Chattooga river fly fishing gives a unique experience to the anglers who are keen on different casting techniques. The river lies between Georgia and South Carolina has many wild scenarios and natural beauties for the anglers and the customers. Wearing waders to the Chattooga river due to the cold climate and wildlife feature there is always recommendable for the anglers. The year around the cold feature of the river makes angler to come with proper apparel and materials to stay fit and safe. Wading boots to walk the river is utmost important for the customers

A major requirement in Chattooga river for fly fishing

As we discussed above, the Chattooga River has year-round coldness the anglers will have to bring waders, sweaters, insulation underneath materials. Due to slippery rocks that are massive is size makes angler slip in and hence rough waders that are firm enough to stand and walk are necessary. A water purifier is necessary during the trip, and other materials like net, tippet, flies, nippers, and needle-nose pliers are also needed. A 4-weigh rod and reel are highly essential for the anglers. An appropriate floating line is essential to meet the needs of the angler. 

An angler who has reached the Chattooga river for fly fishing with his family, group of people or friends must set up a campground for staying. The experienced and local residents point the place called Burrells Ford Campground which is not far away from the river where the anglers involved in fly fishing. Most of the sites where angler stay has the fire rings for warm purpose. A collection box near to the fire ground is available for 10$ donation. The anglers can go to the river from the campground since it is only 5 feet away.

Fishing forecast in Chattooga rive during fly fishing

The fishing forecast report of the angler gives him a chance to explore good information about the different types of fishes found in the river. The water status, climate status and river condition on a particular day are well known when gone through. The river is floatable using a canoe or a small boat of the angler. The Chattooga River is the tributary of the Weiss reservoir and the major fishes found in the river are ream, Black Bass, Striped Bass, Catfish. The black bass is found in the woody debris. The white bass fishes are found in the creek mouths of the river. The striped bass fishes are found in the Lyerly dam.

In general, there are two dams available on the Chattooga River. The major dam is Vernon Mills’ dam and the other dam is Lyerly. The availability of canoe or kayak makes the dam more crowd for the process of fly fishing at Chattooga river. The anglers who arrive at the river would contact the river fly shop for their trips and fishing gear on the water. The staff in the fly shop help the customers for the trips and selling the fish gear to them for rent or sale. The guides in the shop accompany the customers to the trips on the water.

The flies needed for fly fishing in the Chattooga a river is supplied by the shop at the river. The technical staff at the shop gives you exact flies needed for your fishing task. They supply little black caddis or Hendrickson’s during spring and Blue Winged Olives or Terrestrials during summer months. They knew the type of flies used for the type of fishes during a particular season. The streamers are used during the fall season fly fishing by the anglers. 

Mainly three species of fishes are found in the Chattooga River for fly fishing. The main black bass species are redeye, largemouth and spotted bass and Largemouth bass spotted bass. These fishes needed a specific rod, reel and fly from the anglers who are regular here. The lodge facilities are allotted by the guides who stay with the angler during trips on the water. The trips on the water and lodges are arranged by the guided who are local and international to the anglers who book in advance. The anglers usually have the harvest season on the Chattooga river from May to October months of a year for massive fly fishing.

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