How Do You Tie a Leader on a Fly Rod?

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One of the most important basis to learn for any one who want to fly fish is how to tie a leader to your fly rod, for this there is a simple guide to tie your own fly fishing knot.
Here is some instructions to tie 4 of them, frequently used by many anglers:

1. The clinch knot

Used by a lot of anglers, when talking about some of the best knot the name of the clinch knot often appears.
Easy and fast to tie, learn how to do a clinch knot is like a fundamental basis for each novice.
How to do it :
- Pass the working end through the hook eye
- Wrap it 5 times around the standing line
- Pass it through the first loop
- Pull it and the standing line to the tighten
- Cut off excess tag end
- The knot is complete
Be careful and pull only the long end when you’re tightening it, otherwise the fly has a risk to pop off during your cast or when you got a fish on it.

2. The surgeon’s loop

- Make a loop with a double line and feed the end into it
- Pass the end through the loop once more
- Take it out of the loop pulling the standing part
- Cut off excess tag end

3. The blood knot

This one is not about something easy to learn, you need to practice if you want to get a correct result.
Mostly used for tying leaders or attaching tippet to a leader, here is how to tie it :
- Wrap the red rope around the blue one 5 times
- Pass the red one through the central loop formed
- Wrap the blue rope around the red one
- Make 5 turns
- Pass the blue one through the central loop
- Pull the tag ends and the standing parts to tighten
- Cut off the tag ends
- The red and blue lines are now joined

4. The nail knot

Mostly used to attach the backing to the fly line and the fly line to the leader, the nail knot is one of the most frequently used fly fishing knot.
The nail knot is often appreciated cause also seen as a polyvalent knot, with a lot of different uses.
How to tie it step by step :
- Holding the ends of the two lines with the tube in between, make 5 turns with the leader
- At the 6th turn, insert the leader into the tube
- Take it out of the other end
- Remove the tube by sliding it down
- Pull both ends to tighten knot
- Cut off excess if there is any

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