How Do You Choose The Best Fly Fishing Waders for 2019?

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We wrote this article to take a closer look on all features and benefits that a perfect fly fishing waders should bring to you.
Of course by choosing the best fly fishing waders for you we will mainly focus on comfort and protection.

One of the first question you may ask is: Breathable or neoprene?

It’s all about fishing conditions.
A simple factor to take into account is that you’ll sweat more in neoprene. It’s as simple as that.

As say
“Neoprene is used to make wet suits for divers and they make their investment last by thoroughly washing the suit and hanging it to air dry [...]

Fishing enthusiasts also get long-term wear from breathable waders. Again, cleaning and maintenance are important.”

It’s better to invest in an heavier neoprene waders if you plan to fish in a cold weather.

And for the opposite if you fish in all conditions, especially end of spring and summer you will be more comfortable with a breathable product.

You can fish in all kind of weather with breathable waders, but think to wear warmer under clothes if you plan to go fishing with a cold temperature outside.

Another important question: Boot-foot or stocking-foot?

For fly fishing, it’s more appropriate to have sturdy footwear.
If you want to do fast and simply, go with Boot-foot waders, however be careful if you plan to fish on slippery surface or on rock.
By fishing on wet surfaces with wet conditions (rainy day), it’s often better and well recommended to go with stocking-foot waders and get a separate pair of wading boots or wading shoes.

Our partner Brian Ratcliff concludes:

“With the waders I would say it comes down to personal preference what you want out of your waders be it full waders or waist . Stocking foot waders or boot waders”

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