How Do I Set Up a Fly Fishing Line Rig?

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If you want to know 'How do I set up a fly fishing line rig'? You have come to the right place!  If you are new to the joys of fly fishing, the technicalities of setting up your line before hitting the water and even the key fly fishing terminology can be a bit of a challenge. However fly fishing is a satisfying sport and there are so many techniques and tips to try. Ask experts how to rig a fly line and you will probably end up with as many answers as anglers.   

What does fly fishing involve? For fly fishing you will be using a lightweight lure, known as a fly and casting it using your fly rod, reel and line. To get the best results as a newcomer to fly fishing it is important to know the gear you need and have a good fly line set-up.     

Components of your fly line  It is important to know the basic components of your fly line. You need to get them in the correct order as part of your line rig. The characteristic fly fishing components are attached in order to your reel to be ready to go. The key parts of your fly fishing line are:   

1. Backing fly line 

This directly attaches to your fly reel. Backing is strong and thin line, often made from either Dacron or gel-spun that takes up space in your line and gives you the edge over a big game fish that may want to pull out all your line, providing much needed length  

2. Butt Section 

This element of the fly line is a monofilament or braided material of 1 to 2 feet in lengths which is attached to the fly line tip and receives your leader...  

3. Leader Experienced anglers will tell you that this is key to fly fishing success. 

The leader is a piece of monofilament which was traditionally tapered using knots but now comes in pre-tapered knotless varieties. It helps in the casting of your fly line so that your fly is presented on the water optimally.  

4. Tippet For some anglers the tippet is optional but this is the piece of line you attach your fly to. It is extremely thin and will be almost imperceptible to your target fish when attached to the fly.      

Rigging a fly line   

Assembling your fly line is as simple as connecting your backing, butt section, leader and tippet in order, finishing off with your all important fly. It is critical to ensure that each piece of line is securely attached as nothing can be more frustrating than your big catch taking off with half your set-up. Specific knots join the different components together and prevent parts separating and balance your line:  

*An Arbour Knot attaches the backing to your reel  

*An Albright Knot connects the backing to the butt section  

*The Nail Knot is used to connect the butt section to the leader   

*A Surgeons Knot attaches the leader to the tippet  

Finally, an Improved Cinch Knot connects the tippet to your prized fly!  Ensure you try out the various knots before assembling your real line. Practice (and lots of time on the water) will make your rigs perfect!

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