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What Essential Equipment Do I Need To Get Started With Fly Fishing?

As a beginner in fly fishing, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of fishing equipment needed to make the sport a success. But the truth is; you don't have to worry much. All you need to actually kickstart your first fly fishing adventure is a simple kit containing a fly rod, fly reel, fly line and backing, leader and tippet and flies. 

Waterproof waders, wading pants and fly fishing vests may also come in handy, especially if you want to venture into the waters. Also, when you buy a fly fishing kit make sure it is accompanied by a set up guide to help you put all the accessories in their rightful place as you go fishing.

What Types Of Fish Can A Simple Fly Fishing Kit Catch?

There are many types of fish in the US, both in freshwater and saltwater, which can be caught by a simple kit for fly fishing. Notable examples are trout, bass (smallmouth and largemouth), salmon, pike, carp, panfish and snook. 

The type, weight and length of rod you'll use for fishing will largely depend on the species you are targeting, its average size, the type of water (creek, pond or deep lake), the size and type of flies as well as your budget for the rod.

How Much Will A Simple Fly Fishing Kit Cost You?

Well, that will depend on your budget and/or the type of fly fishing experience you're looking for. There are a good number of starter kits that are priced under $75 and include a brand new rod, reel, leader, line and more. While the pricing of such kits might be attractive, their quality is in most cases sub-par. You might end up experiencing poor flex when casting the line or generally have problems retrieving it.

If you are planning to go fly fishing for trout, you can find good quality rods at between $80 and $200. The specific price for the kit will depend on the brand and a range of other factors like rod weight, size, length and more. You might spend a little more on getting a quality simple kit for fly fishing but it will be worth it in the long run in terms of experience and cost savings.

What Is The Best Rod Material To Consider When Shopping For A Simple Fly-Fishing Kit?

If all you want is good rigidity and fighting power, then graphite rods can be a great choice. They also very sensitive, which means picking up on bites is made easier. Perhaps the only downside of graphite rods is that they are more brittle compared to other options.

Another common rod material available in the market is fiberglass, which comes with added strength and weight. These rods can actually handle even the larger and more aggressive species like brown trout, pike and muskellunge. There are other rod materials like nano-silica resin, boron and bamboo that you can check out too.

How Do You Decide Which Length Of Fly Rod To Go For?

When choosing a fly rod, it is important to consider how much overhead cover you'll encounter on the creek, stream or lake. If there's huge overhead cover, go for a shorter fly rod with 6 1/2 foot range or so. But in case there's an abundance of open space, a 9ft long rod would be ideal.

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