Do You Know Box of Fly Fishing Flies?

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What is a box of fly fishing flies? Generally speaking, a fly fishing box is a container, which is used to keep fly fishing baits. Just like a fly fishing backpack, it is used to keep all the small fly fishing gear such as fly fishing vises, fly fishing hooks, and fly fishing bobbin. As is known to all, different fish has different habits so that fly fishers should use different fly fishing baits to attract the target fish. 

Before fly fishers purchase boxes, they should know more about fishing flies. To be concrete, it would be better for fly fishers to classify fishing lies so as to keep them easily. You should know that the different types of fishing flies, which will be illustrated in the following passage.   

The first type of fishing flies is a dry fly. To be general, fly fishing lies are particularly useful when you want to entice the fish that is more likely to swim in the upper water. This kind of fish is easier for fly fishers to catch as they are swimming in the upper water and fly fishers can see them directly so that they can cast and throw the fishing lines more accurately. 

The second type of fishing flies is a wet fly. It is chiefly aimed at mimicking the submerged aquatic insects so as to attract fish living under the water to attack the fishing flies. When fishermen and fisherwomen throw the fishing lure deeply submerged into the water, it will be easier for fish to catch. However, it is hard for fly fishers to throw the fly line so precisely so that they have to practice a lot to achieve a better result. 

The third type of fishing flies is a streamer, which usually emulates small fish to lure the target fish. In most cases, this kind of flies is easy to catch fish's attention as it has spectacular shapes and colors. Therefore, some fish will be interested in flies that are colorful and with different shapes. As some fish are keen on smaller fish, there are fishing flies that are similar to real fish to seduce fierce predatory fish. Thus, fly fishers should use a sole box of fly fishing flies to keep this kind of flies. 

The fourth type of fishing flies is a nymph, which is used to simulate the young stage of aquatic creatures. It is not unusual that a lot of fish are greatly fond of young insects. Just like tigers, they are loving young deer more than the old ones because the meat of the old deer is not as good as the younger deer. It is universally acknowledged that fly fishers should pay more attention to the flies to make sure it is perfect enough to entice the target fish. 

The fifth type of fishing flies is Popper, which is often used to catch a specific bass. It turns out that the Popper is very efficient to lure this kind of bass. Though it seems that it is merely working on bass, it can be used to attract other kinds of fish such as rainbow trouts and crucian carps. Under certain circumstances, fly fishers should be more careful and patient to wait and practice. 

The sixth type of fishing flies is the emerger, which is the same type as a floating pupa or so. Fly fishers should realize that the similarity and differences between fishing flies are very slight to some extent, which also matters a lot. As a matter of fact, a large number of fly fishers will not obey rules like this. They just do what they want to practice their fly fishing skill and they think that they will improve a lot if they use the wrong flies to catch another kind of fish. 

As you can see, there are roughly six kinds of fishing flies. Usually, it will be better if fly fishers keep flies separately. Hence, if they want to catch different fish at one time, they have to take several different flies. Thus, fly fishers can put flies into one box but they should put them into different cubicles. To be frank, a box of fly fishing flies is of great significance for fly fishers to keep flies complete and in a good condition.

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