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Mangrove fly fishing company is owned by Scott Sommerlatte. This sportsman has gained a wide and extensive knowledge on fly fishing for years together. This innovator has been involved in various techniques of fly fishing and is propagating the same to other fly fishing anglers. More productive and top-notch fly fishing techniques are learned by him which helped him to launch his company. Due to his continuous approach, he has become versatile guides in major rivers. His specialization as a guide helped many anglers to fish in Brownsville to Florida keys. He has a good hand of experience in catching various fish species and has the skill to teach others. 

Mangrove fly fishing

Texas fishing

Matagorda Island is a favorite spot for Scott to fish in the months of summer. The summer months have given a wide knowledge of different fish species to the anglers. Scott has been involved in various fishing techniques teaching to other anglers who visit the island. The diverse fishing of Texas has given plenty of fishing experience to the anglers who visit here. Redfish is the main species for Scott and other anglers. Not only Redfish, drum, and flounder are other major fish species found in Texas rivers. 

Florida fishing of Mangrove fly fishing

Florida fishing offers a very depth and intriguing experience to the anglers. The major areas of fishing in mangroves included ten thousand islands and Everglades national park enhance Florida fishing anglers. The fishing journey by anglers on Marco island for catching fish species like snook and redfish. Tarpon fishing is the major goal of anglers who visit the island during sunny days. In common, the weather is warm during this season which attracts Tarpon species. The change of weather as the days pass on the anglers might change their goals for other fish species such as trout.

Fish and wildlife 

The various wildlife species in mangrove venues entice a lot of customers every year with a lot of expectations. The Mangrove fly fishing company founder Scott shared his extensive fishing experience to the customers who visit here. The anglers who love visiting places of Mangrove areas for viewing world life and natural scenarios are given special assistance. The staff of the company are very cordial and technically sound to cope with the desire of the visitors. The fishing trips are offed at an affordable price for all customers. 

Gear and technique

The use of fly fishing gear and techniques followed in mangrove fly fishing companies are shared with the customers who visit. The rods such as little green reel and short sticking are new to the visitors. An extensive study about fly fishing techniques in mangrove place is easy to cope with. The company has given a lot of efforts in improving the visitor's experience by the mangrove professionals. 


The anglers either a new and experience person whoever visit the place are enjoying or preparing many benefits. Personally, each customer is having a top-notch experience after coming here and their goals are fulfilled.

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