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British Columbia is one of the best places in Canada to go fly fishing for Steelhead Trout. With miles of untouched wilderness and pristine mountain rivers, British Columbia offers anglers some of the best locations to go fishing for Steelhead.

Here are the best locations in British Columbia to go fly fishing for Steelhead.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Dean River

The Dean River is undoubtedly one of the best locations for Steelhead fly fishing and is situated in Southern British Columbia. It runs from Aktaklin Lake and eventually flows into the Dean Channel. It is a remote mountain river surrounded by forest and is only accessible by helicopter or boat part of the way and then a hike for the remainder.

The Dean River’s isolated location is worth it for serious anglers because it offers some of the biggest and most plentiful Steelhead in the province. It is good to bring a sturdy rod when fly fishing for Steelhead to withstand the surprising fight strength of this powerful fish.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Skeena River

The Skeena River isn’t just famous in Canada. Anglers from all around the world travel to this scenic river for the Steelhead fly fishing experience of a lifetime.

The Skeena River is a large and powerful river located in Northern British Columbia that will put any angler’s skills to the test. Three smaller rivers stem from the Skeena River including the Copper River, Kispiox River, and the Bulkley River. All four of these rivers are some of the best locations in British Columbia for Steelhead fly fishing. Enormous Steelhead exceeding 20 pounds can be found in these rivers.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Yakoun River

For anglers who want an adventure, the Yakoun River of the Northern British Columbia Coast is one of the perfect Steelhead fly fishing locations. This remote river is situated at the Haida Gwaii islands and is an ideal location for an extended fishing trip.

Anglers will get the chance to go fly fishing for trophy-sized Steelhead Trout in the Yakoun River or in some surrounding streams while enjoying the peace and solitude of the remote wilderness. At the peak time of Steelhead populations, anglers may be able to catch up to two Steelhead per day.

Anglers can find a place to stay in the nearby Sandspit Lodge on a Steelhead fly fishing trip.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Squamish River

The Squamish River is arguably one of the most accessible locations in British Columbia for Steelhead fly fishing. It is located only about an hour away from Vancouver and 35 minutes from the town of Squamish.

Steelhead is not as plentiful in this river as they are in some of the more remote locations but for the patient angler, large and healthy Steelhead can be found in these waters. The Squamish River is considered to be one of the best locations for winter Steelhead Fly Fishing.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Vedder River

Another easily reached river for Steelhead fly fishing is the Vedder River. Located about an hour and a half from Vancouver, this river splits into two, with the second known as the Chilliwack River.

The Vedder and Chilliwack Rivers are sometimes crowded in the warm seasons but constantly replenished populations of Steelhead make these waters a worthy location for fly fishing. Slow areas of the Vedder River makes it an ideal location for beginner anglers who want to catch their first Steelhead Trout.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at the Cowichan River

The Cowichan River originates from Cowichan Lake and flows east to Cowichan Bay. Situated by Vancouver Island, this popular river is one of the first choices of anglers who wish to go fly fishing for Steelhead.

There are many shallow areas in the Cowichan River that make Steelhead fly fishing relatively easy. For anglers with the time and patience, the Cowichan River, as well as other rivers around the island, are prime areas for winter-run Steelhead.

There’s no doubt that British Columbia is home to some of the best Steelhead fly fishing opportunities in the world. With its peaceful, remote rivers and beautiful mountain scenery, this province will give any angler the fishing experience of a lifetime.

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