Bass Fly Fishing Techniques, What Should Be Paid Attention to?

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Bass fly fishing techniques, the people who are interested in fly fishing, especially those who are green hands in bass fly fishing may have great interests in these techniques. The article is going to introduce something about bass fly fishing and its techniques, which may help those beginners get success in fly fishing more easily. 

What is fly fishing?

Flying fishing is one of the fishing ways that uses special fly linesfly rods, artificial bait (fly), unique wave technology, and the weight of the line itself to catch the fish. It is regarded as the golf in fishing for its special fishing processes. The line and bait are shot out, then the line is slowly recovered. The baiting is represented by different techniques and current conditions.

For beginners, the most important suggestion is to tie a lure that can be used for fishing. However, not any lure is suitable for fly fishing. One point is that you should choose the appropriate lure for the fish you fish. If your only goal around you is pan-fish, it doesn't make sense to use flies that are used for trouts. Most of the fly fishing lures can be divided into three basic categories: dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.

Dry fly is a kind of new fly, which is very popular. It is suitable for the waters where has roaring waves. Nymphs represent the immature life stages of insects, such as mayflies, caddisflies, and stoneflies. The streamers. are a little bigger flies that provide food for bass, trout, and pan-fish. They are known for capturing the largest fish in streams, ponds, lakes, and the ocean. Thus knowing something about the lures is one of the tips in bass fly fishing. 

What is the bass?

The bass, also known as the bass shark. It is also called "four freshwater famous fishes in China" with the Yellow River carp, mandarin fish, and the big white fish of Xingkai Lake in Heilongjiang Province. Its body is long and flat, the mandible is longer than the upper jaw, and the meat is solid in a garlic petal shape.

Its meat is white, fat, and tender, with few fine thorns, no smell, and delicious taste. It is rich in protein and vitamins, and can be used as medicine, and is a precious supplement. The general body length of this type of fish is 30-40cm and the weight is 400-1000g. It has become one of the most valuable economic fishes and also a variety of marine cultures. Thus many people are interested in fishing basses. 

Some bass fly fishing techniques

First, select the appropriate size of hooks. Whatever the size of the hook is, the length of the hook handle can be standard, super long, or ultra-short.

As the traditional hooks, the larger the number in front of the tilt bar, the bigger the hook (for example, the hook with the size of 5/0 is larger than the hook of 2/0), and the larger hooks are usually used for bass fishing. However, some fishermen who catch big trouts sometimes also use these hooks, thus when you go flying fishing bass, you need to select a larger hook.

Second, select fishing rods of the appropriate size. When you start to fly fishing basses, trouts, pan-fishes, or other marine fishes, you need a suitable fishing rod. Most of the fly fishing rods are made of graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo.

For beginners, cheap carbon or glass fiber fishing rods may be the best. You have to choose the right length of the rod, and the longer one is easier to control the line on the fly fishing.

You also have to choose the right pole weight. The larger lure needs more wind resistance and weight. If you want to catch trout or pan-fishes, you need to use smaller lures. Generally, a 5-6 pound flying fishing rod is the most suitable choice for most beginners. The lure of bass is generally large, so it will use a larger flying line. Therefore, the fishing green hands of bass are suitable for selecting 6-10 pound rods to fish the bass.

In short, if you want to fly fish some basses, you need to learn something about fly fishing, the basses, and the bass fly fishing techniques.

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