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Do you ever have an Anegada fly fishing experience before? It is an awesome fly fishing spot whether to an experienced angler or to a recruit. If you had gone there before, you can recollect the pleasant flavor of your journey in this article. If you never heard it before, you can mark it on your wish list after this article. Now let’s learn some information about Anegada fly fishing.

Anegada is the only coral in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain, it is famous for having one of the best fly fishing ground on earth, you can have awesome fishing experience there. It also has a unique geographical location, the terrain is flat, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and clear springs are surrounded. 

There are bonefish, marlin, tuna, tarpon and many other marine creatures suitable for fishing in Anegada. If you go there between October and June, marlin and mahi-mahi are prevalent, wahoo and tuna are dominant in other months. Nevertheless, the best choice fly fishing in Anegada is bonefish, but it is not so easy if you have lots of experiences you may have a try.

If you don’t want to fish by yourself, Anegada provides guided fishing and ecological tour on a professional flatboat. The adventure would let you know some basic knowledge about Anegada fly fishing and the connectivity of the eco-system. It is also an interesting journey, right?

It is remarkable that fishing permit is necessary for Anegada, take any fish from water without a permit is illegal. You can get one Recreational Fishing License at the Conservation and Fisheries Department. After learning this information, enjoy your time fly fishing in Anegada!

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