3 Questions About Fly fishing Lanyard

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1. Why use fly fishing lanyard ?
To keep a light weight, if you have to hike to move pretty often, or even to camp, it’s a comfortable gain. If you want to travel with only useful gears for you and gain a considerable space, weight and time, fly fishing lanyard are well adapted. Just keep the essential and all you really need with you, and skip the rest... that’s the main objective of a fly fishing lanyard. It’s also the guarantee to have an easy and fast access to the tools you need.

2. What can I carry on a fly fishing lanyard ?
Nipper, bottle holder, line straighter, forceps, tippet holder, tying tools, fly fishing boxes everything depends of your choice and what tools you use the most. We can recommend for many anglers to wear nipper, line straighter and a fly box as a “basis”, it’s important to take into account the number of attachment point on the lanyard and choose wisely.

3. Some lanyard are provide with tools of other stuff ?
Yes it’s common to see fly fishing Lanyard provided with fishing tools such as fly boxes for example, on the following link we can propose a fully equipped lanyard  with a fishing tools combo :

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