Clear Rubber Net & Release Burl Straight Wooden Handle Fly Fishing Landing Net

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    • Soft yet durable rubber netting to protect fish from accidental harm
    • Burled wood handle allows for a soft, comfortable grip in all conditions
    • Features a 100% knotless net to eliminate accidental injuries from stray sharp hooks
    • Detachable elastic lanyard allows for easy transportation and storage
    • Ideal for bass, walleye, panfish and trout

    Promote safe and sustainable catch & release practices with our FL-29 Landing Net. The implementation of a soft yet durable, 100% knotless rubber net ensures that both you or the fish sustain are safe from potential harm during that often-haphazard landing process.

    Ideal for bass, walleye, panfish and trout, this landing net is a must-have for any angler who values sustainability and environmental protection. It’s easy to use, affordable, lightweight, and, ultimately, a catalyst the protection of the future of our sport.


    Wood / Rubber


    350g / 12.3oz


    62cm / 24.4’’


    29.5cm / 11.6’’


    23cm / 9’’

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