Charlies Fly Box

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Charlies Fly Box

I love fishing, especially with Charlie's Fly Box! Charlies Fly Box makes it simple and easy to keep all of my fly fishing supplies perfectly organized, and it should be a great tool for you too. Some days, you just want to go out fly fishing and enjoy the day. 

I prefer fishing for big mouth bass in a lake in Tennessee. Whenever I go out on the lake, I make sure to bring Charlies Fly Box along, so I can focus on catching the most fish possible. My fly fishing bait is always clean and never gets tangled with any of the other supplies in my box. I can keep the fishing line in a separate compartment, and all of my tools and supplies are protected from the weather too. Charlie's Fly Box is also very easy to carry and to store away in my truck or at home.

In the summers in Miami the weather tends to get really hot during the day. So, in order to not get too bad of a sunburn, and to catch different kinds of fish, me and my friends will usually venture out at night. We always bring Charlies Fly Box along for the adventure. There is actually a really cool bridge near Key Biscayne where a lot of fish and other sea life seem to like congregate under. It gets even better if there is a full moon on those nights because I am pretty sure the light attracts the fish to the surface, and really allows them better visibility so they can more easily notice any movement on the surface of the water. 

That is when I'll open Charlies Fly Box, make sure the line on my fishing rod has enough extra wrapped up on the reel, I'll hook up a fly and cast the line into the water. It will usually take only about fifteen or twenty minutes before something starts to nibble on the line. 

Once I catch one and reel it in, I can easily go to Charlies Fly Box to get my scissors to cut the line. If it is a good looking fish and measures up past the legal length, all my tools to clean it up and toss it in the ice cooler are all in my fly box, ready to go. Of course, if that finish is even one millimeter under the legal size, it is their lucky night because back into the water they go!

So, as you can tell by now, I am an avid fisherman, and I definitely remember the days of going fishing as a kid with no proper supplies in the days before Charlies Fly Box came around. I and my friends used to sit out there all day long and get frustrated as heck because we could not catch a thing. We would also get really impatient and we probably weren't taking the time to scope out a good fishing spot either. Of course, over time all of that changed and some of us have reached the point of entering fishing competitions. Now, I do not go anywhere without bringing Charlies Fly Box with me! So, do yourself a favor, and check out Charlies Fly Box for yourself!

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