Don’t Ignore Those Best Fly Fishing Accessories When You Fly Fishing

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Don’t Ignore Those Best Fly Fishing Accessories When You Fly Fishing

Best fly fishing accessories generally make your fly fishing more effective and convenient. Fly fishing hobbyists usually pay more attention to the selection of fishing equipment, such as fly rods, fly reels, etc., or study different fishing skills in different seasons. But sometimes they may tend to ignore some small details, such as fishing thermometer, strike indicators, etc., those small products play a great role to improve the success rate of fly fishing. And remember that “God is in the detail”, so make sure everything is in order before you begin. 

Scientific use of gadgets can save you a lot of energy in the fishing process. So, what kinds of products do we have? What’s the use? What should we pay attention to when choosing the best fly fishing accessories? To learn more, please read on. 

Led Light

We have two kinds of led light, one can be hooked the brim of the cap which is called the 2 Pieces Led Cap Light Outdoor Powerful Fishing Light; the other can be clipped on your fishing rod easily with a bite alarm and guarantee the fly fishing line can be seen in the night, this is called the 5 Pieces Led Light Noctilucent with 2 Bells Fishing Bite Alarm. These two kinds of products are perfect for professional anglers and fly fishing amateurs. 

Fly Fishing Thermometer

Senior fishermen always are equipped with a special thermometer to test the water temperature. This Stream Fly Fishing Thermometer is a great method to avoid the hapless trial and error fishing approach adopted by many anglers take due to the lack of water temperature knowledge. It is designed with a protective metal case with a pocket clip and lanyard ring. Suitable for stream, brook, and river fly fishing. This is an important fly fishing tool and a must-have fly fishing fittings. 

Strike Indicators

The Strike Indicators has two types: Football Shaped and Luminous. The Football Shaped Strike Indicators has two colors, one is orange, the other is yellow. These indicators are covered with fluorescent powder to improve visibility, it is ideal for night fly fishing and low-light conditions. The size of this product is Approx. 29 x 13 mm/1.14 x 0.5 inch. It’s very easy to remove from the leader and reattach, and won’t damage the leader line. 

The Luminous Strike Indicators are similar to the above one. It has various luminescent colors such as pink, yellow and orange, etc., you will effortlessly be able to direct the waters without fear of losing sight of your hook. These are available in two different sizes: 0.75 inches and 1.00 inches. These Strike Indicators will stay above the water, so you will never lose sight of them. 

Fish Bat

Fishermen often use this tool to kill the fish quickly and peacefully. This fish bat applicable for small fish, and no longer than 40cm (16in) in length. Here are a few tips: A heavy strike to the top of the head just behind the eyes will dispatch the most smaller fish species very quickly and painlessly. You’re worth it. 

Waterproof Phone Bag

The mobile phone is one of people’s compulsory comprehensive tools, rain weather more often when outdoor fishing in summer. To protect the mobile phone, fishermen should put the mobile phone into a waterproof bag, use this bag so that they can play the mobile phone normally on a rainy day. At the same time, it is suggested that fishermen wear a hanging belt, and hanging on the neck, in case the phone accidentally fell into the water. 

Keychain combo

This is a decorative item which not really work with fly fishing. There are two models: fly reel keychain and lure reel keychain, both are made of aluminum alloy. This decoration can not only reflect the individual mood, but also display their hobbies and taste. You can keep it with you all day and bring you a happy mood. 

Fishing activities have developed so far in American and European countries, the variety of fishing accessories is very complete, fly fishing hobbyists can choose the best fly fishing accessories to suit their own needs. Although it is an unobvious accessory, sometimes it can help us a lot, so that we can be more comfortable and concentrate on fly fishing.

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