Best Fly Fishing in California--Tips about License And Places

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Best Fly Fishing in California--Tips about License And Places

To have the best fly fishing in California, you need to know where are the best fishing places in California. Besides, one of the most important things is whether or not you are allowed to fish in certain places. Therefore, the following information about licenses and the best places for both beginners and experienced anglers will help you be better prepared. 

License necessary or not 

According to relevant regulations, for anyone who wants to go fly fishing in California above 16 years old, a license is required in the very first place. The so-called license is not as "professional" as you think for it can be bought online or at stores. 

Usually speaking, the license can be bought in Walmart, fly fishing tackle shops, and such outdoor equipment stores as Cabela’s and Dick’s. Remember to carry a photo ID with you. The price of the license is based on its expiration date. 

If you do not want to buy a license, don’t worry, Free Fishing Day is lasting two days in each state of the US, so those without a license can also do sport fishing. You can also go to public piers which do not require a license open for 365 days. 

Knowing this information about the license, your first step for the best fly fishing in California is finished. The following will give you a look at the choice of places. 

Best fly fishing places for beginners 

For beginners, California piers are good places for fly fishing, not only for a single person but for your friends and families together. 

California has an over 800-mile coastline with countless fishing piers. At different locations, you have the chance to catch different fish species. In northern California coast, flounder and halibut are most probably be caught while in southern California, at the San Diego pier, for example, corbina and mackerel are frequently seen. 

These areas in California are recommended: Pacifica Municipal Pier, Half Moon Bay Jetty, Tomales Bay Lawson's Landing, and Bogeda Bay Doran Beach. There are various fish species, which can give you different fishing experiences. For instance, in Pacifica Municipal Pier, salmon, flounder, and pomfret can be caught. 

More exciting places for the best fly fishing in California 

There are quite a few wonderful and exciting places in the high mountains and Sierra Nevada. The first one, the Owens Lake. Located in the Owens Valley, this river is 5 miles south away from the Lone Pine small town. Due to its topographic features, fly fishing is not an easy job here but at the same time, you will feel more rewarding. 

For it is a hot spot to go fly fishing in California for anglers, you had to find a good position at weekend as early as possible. The period from April to November is the best for going fly fishing here. 

The second is the Kern River situated at the western part of the Sierra. This is not merely a good place for rafting but also fly fishing with a variety of scenery around the year. The Kern River can be divided into different sections with a 123.1-mile wild area and 20.9 miles for recreation. Different sections can give anglers different fishing experiences. 

The third is the Eagle Lake sited in Lassen County. In California, it boasts the second-largest natural lake. Rainbow trout, bass, and bullhead can be found under clear water. It is a good choice for beginners to practice fly fishing skills here for the abundance of fish. However, you are not allowed to keep all the fish because of a limit of two trout. 

The fourth one is the Pit River. Part of Northeastern California, due to its fast flow of the river and a bit slippery bottom, fly fishing is more difficult and challenging here. Nevertheless, for experienced anglers to test their skills of fly fishing, here is undoubtedly one of the best sites for fly fishing in California. 

The season from May to November may give you the best chance for fly fishing. Along the 207 miles long river, a lot of fishing points are accessible. Due to the characteristics of this area, the fish will be much smaller than those in the ocean, so lighter weight is enough to fish this river. 

The last one is Crowley Lake in Southern California. Fly anglers can fish on the shore here or take a boat. Trout is easy to find here. You will always gain some fish around the year, but if you want to catch a bigger target, you need more patient. Big fish is sitting in the deepest portions of the river. Only by using heavier weight, can you reach where they stay.

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