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Founded in 2005, Maxcatch is an independent fishing tackle company based in Qingdao, China.
As leading specialists in the fly fishing tackle and gear market, we offer an extensive range of high-quality products for anglers worldwide. We strive to constantly develop and improve our range of products, and are committed to ensuring that your fishing experience is as enjoyable as possible.
Thanks to our highly-efficient production management and quality control processes, we are able to guarantee that our products are of the highest possible quality, all the while remaining affordable for you, our valued customers.
Our goal of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow from a small, one-product company into a flourishing professional fishing tackle supplier with hundreds of products available for purchase.

Here at Maxcatch, we donate 5% of our pre-tax profits in order to encourage more people to join the amazing sport of fly fishing, as well as promote the Catch & Release initiative to preserve fishing resources for future generations.

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Fly Fishing Beginner Outreach Sponsorship by Maxcatch Fishing.



  • Our customers are our number one priority - if you are not satisfied, we'll do everything in our power to ensure that you are.
  • We support a sustainable approach to fly fishing, both for the betterment of the environment and our customers' livelihoods.
  • Delivering excellence in everything we do, from the factory floor to your front door, and beyond into the rivers and creeks that are the lifeblood of our pastime.
  • Designed by fly casters for fly casters, we deliver to you, our loyal customers, products that we are proud to use and call our own.
  • To encourage others to embrace the fly fishing  lifestyle we love so much by offering an experience that everyone can enjoy, no matter their circumstances.


It is our responsibility, as residents of this beautiful planet, to maintain healthy fish populations, which is why we here at Maxcatch support the Catch & Release program in order to ensure preservation and conservation of our planet’s treasured waterways and fish stocks.Image may contain: text


If you have any queries with regards to Maxcatch or our products, please feel free to contact us. We love our customers, and are dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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