The Best Lightweight Waterproof Fly Reels

As any seasoned offshore angler will tell you, the best saltwater spinning reels are worth investing in.

Saltwater fishing is always exciting. You never know what the day has in store for you. And if you happen to land one of the big ones, your fishing reel is what will determine whether you’ll successfully reel it or watch it swim away.

A quality lightweight waterproof fly reel that won’t let you down is a must-have whether you’re fishing offshore, inshore or surf fishing. It should have a strong and smooth drag system that can subdue the larger, stronger, faster and harder fighting ocean fish.
Embrace the fly fishing lifestyle in all its glory with the Maxcatch lightweight 100% freshwater proof fly reels.

Our professional-grade, lightweight waterproof fly reels are fully-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum to provide you, our valued customers, exceptional reel strength and rigidity, no matter the conditions.

Want to get into the thrilling adventure that’s ocean fishing and looking for a saltwater spinning reel?

Need a versatile fishing reel for both saltwater and freshwater use?

Looking to upgrade to a more quality saltwater reel?

We’ve got you covered. All of our lightweight waterproof fly reels come with a 10-year warranty.

AVID PRO Rose Gold All Purpose Reel
UNIC DESIGN-AVID PRO rose gold fly fishing reel series was designed by Maxcatch Colum..
$78.00 $99.00
CM Carbon Fiber Sensor Waterproof Fly Reel
LIGHT WATERPROOF REEL with MOST ADVANCED MATERIAL Designed for a very light reel for ..
$149.00 $158.00
Dunn Ultralite MAXSDS Fly Reel
  Targeted Species: Trout, Bass,Snook. Free Express Door to Door Shipping.D..
$159.00 $299.00
HVC Super Light Large Arbor Aluminum Fly Reel
Free express door to door shipping all over the worldThe HVC Large Arbour r..
$95.00 $179.99
Windcity ALL CNC Timefly Fly Fishing Reel
1. Material:CNC Machine Cut Aluminum 2. Color:Dark Blue/Lamon&nbs..
$65.00 $109.99
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