The UV light pens have been around in the fly fishing world for quite sometime now. Loon has had the UV Wader Repair and UV Knot Sense out for many years now. The Knot Sense was used by tiers before the “official” UV tying products came around. Now, both Loon and Clear Cure Goo are the main marketers of UV fly tying adhesives. Each offer a similar product. Loon is a little more friendly on the wallet, but Clear Cure Goo offers more variety. Both are good choices, but the UV Knot Sense isn’t a bad place to get started.

Whether you’re tying large hardheaded baitfish patterns, small nymphs, or any other fly that used to require epoxy, theUV light pens will speed up the process.

See your flies in a whole new light with our official Maxcatch UV light pens.

Cure your flies quickly and efficiently with our UV lights; perfect for those seeking to a device powerful enough to cure flies through even the thickest of fly tying material.

UV Light Pen Fly Tying Pen UV Glue Tying Tool
Useful fly tying tools and materials.Tying your own flies! -Max Output Power: <5MW..
$6.50 $12.59
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