Tenkara kits

Tenkara kits

Tenkara Kits

What is tenkara fly fishing? 

Tenkara is a very simple and effective fly fishing technique.  Tenkara is designed to take the focus away from equipment and place the attention on the actual fishing and catching of fish.

The rods are very long and telescopic and they extend out to 12-13 feet long but they are 20 inches long when collapsed.  Then, just tie your line to the end of the rod and cast.

The most common fly line used in tenkara is a tapered furled line.  This twisted monofilament line propels the weightless fly to the intended target.  The line is generally no longer than the rod and even shorter in most cases.

Getting started with tenkara is as simple as buying a tenkara kit.  The tenkara kits usually contain a rod, a line that matches and line holders. 

The tenkara kit can also contain tippet and flies. For those who have never fly fished before, kits can also contain some simple streamside tools for your convenience like a set of forceps and nippers for trimming tippet.

Tenkara Fly Fishing Kit (12 ft./ 13 ft.) - Telescopic Tenkara Fly Rod, Line, Flies & Tippet
Package includes:Tenkara rod1pcTenkara line and spool1pcTenkara Replacement Cap1pcTenkara ..
$69.99 $89.99
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